Advisory Board: Master of Science in Marketing Research

Bill Tanner

Bill Tanner
Director, Strategic Research,
The Dallas Morning News, A.H. Belo Company

Bill has been employed at The Dallas Morning News for ten years where he provides guidance in business strategy. Bill is accountable for research and consulting leadership in areas such as content, design, communications, segmentation and targeting, reader relationships, marketing sciences and new products.

Prior to working at The Dallas Morning News, Bill worked for twenty years in several research capacities at The Coca-Cola Company, both domestically and internationally. He has also worked for Quest Communications and Compaq Company.

Bill is a graduate of The University of Colorado. He is married with one daughter.

A. H. Belo Corporation
P.O. Box 655237
Dallas, TX 75265 – 5237

Telephone: (214) 977 – 8339