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Chris Hauck

Chris HauckChris Hauck
President – Sales and Marketing
Lynx Research Consulting

Whether it’s a complicated choice-based research design, a quick-turn multivariate analysis or developing marketing strategies to fill the stadium at his beloved Alma Mater TCU, Chris embraces each challenge with the passion and commitment usually associated with hardnosed tailbacks.

For more than 20 years Chris has honed his research skills across a wide variety of categories- from telecom and IT to consumer packaged goods, Restaurants, Pharmaceutical, medical products and consulting.

Undoubtedly influenced by a colorful, exotic upbringing in West Africa, Chris has an almost insatiable desire to continue exploring and stretching his professional range. And this is why he is equally adept at decoding a year’s worth of behavioral trend data or delicately moderating consumers through in-depth conversations about mortality and medicine.

But his exploration isn’t limited to the world of algorithms, database queries and discussion guides, Chris is equally spirited about taking on new personal challenges. Whether taking up the bass guitar in the last couple of years as a way to keep up with his record-label bound son (who rocks the keyboards, sax and drums at age 11) or learning how to “ride switch through the glades” Chris is that rare person who loves his work as much as his play.

He claims “happiness” as his motivator in life and you can see it in how he adores all three of his children (Kali, Spencer and Talulah) and still gets weak-kneed about his wife of 14 years Jules. Of course for Chris, ultimate happiness can really only truly be achieved when TCU wins its first BCS National Championship… which should explain why his blood has a purple hue to it.

Chris received his B.A. and M.B.A. in Business Administration from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

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