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Ray Barber

Ray BarberRay Barber
President and CEO
Global Research Partners

Ray Barber started Global Research Partners in January 2000 after a 16-year career at Burke Marketing Research. While at Burke, he rose from an Account Executive training position to Senior Vice President. He has been President and CEO of Global Research Partners since it began.
Global Research Partners’ headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. From this basis of operations, GRP has conducted research in places such as Australia, China, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Holland, South Korea, Canada, UK, Mexico, and the USA. Global Research Partners conducts quantitative custom research projects. Areas of research expertise include concept/product testing, tracking, segmentation and conjoint/discrete choice. Data collection methods include mall intercept, telephone, internet, mail, and door to door.
Over the years, Mr. Barber has personally conducted over $30 million in custom marketing research in over 15 countries. He holds both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration from the University of Texas.

Global Research Partners
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