Courses: Master of Science in Marketing Research

Course Requirements

  1. Foundation Courses (21 semester hours)
    • ACCT 5301 Accounting Analysis I (Financial)
    • ACCT 5302 Accounting Analysis II (Managerial)
    • ECON 5311 Economic Analysis II (Micro & Macro)
    • MARK 5311 Marketing
    • MANA 5312 Management
    • FINA 5311 Business Financial Management
    • STAT 5325 Advanced Statistical Methods
  2. Advanced Courses (37 semester hours)

    • MARK 5320 Buyer Behavior and Creative Problem Solving

    • MARK 5327 Research for Marketing Decisions

    • MARK 5328 Product Management

    • MARK 5337 Marketing Information Management

    • MARK 5338 Qualitative Research

    • MARK 5340 Marketing Strategy

    • MARK 5343 Advanced Research Analysis I

    • MARK 5344 Advanced Research Analysis II

    • MARK 5396 Marketing Research Internship I

    • MARK 5397 Marketing Research Internship II

    • MARK 5399 Advanced Topics in Marketing Research

    • MARK 6305 Marketing Models I

Selected syllabi are available on the Faculty page.

The program of work is tailored to provide students exposure to every relevant facet of marketing research—qualitative and quantitative, logical and creative, rational and emotional. Courses were created after consultation with top marketing professionals to ensure students are given the tools and skills they need for successful careers in marketing research and related fields.

The degree plan is comprised of the following components:

Foundation Course Descriptions
Courses in accounting, economics, statistics, quantitative methods, information systems, finance and management (these courses may be waived on the basis of courses taken previously).

Advanced Course Descriptions
A total of 37 hours in marketing research courses, including six hours related to the internship.