Courses: Master of Science in Marketing Research

Foundation Course Descriptions

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ACCT 5301. ACCOUNTING ANALYSIS I (3-0). Introduction to concepts, purposes, problems, methodology, and terminology of financial accounting.

ACCT 5302. ACCOUNTING ANALYSIS II (3-0). Introduction to concepts, purposes, problems, methodology, and terminology of managerial accounting. Prerequisite: ACCT 5301 or equivalent.

STAT 5301. STATISTICS (3-0). Introduction to statistics, designed to prepare the student for quantitative analysis of business problems. Topics include probability, random variables, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, tests of hypotheses, multiple regression, analysis of variance, Bayesian inference, and nonparametric methods. Prerequisite: MATH 1315.

STAT 5303. QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS FOR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (3-0). Study of the methods of quantitative analysis used in business administration. Topics include matrix algebra, systems of linear equations, differential and integral calculus, linear programming, classical optimization, and a survey of management science models.

STAT 5325. ADVANCED STATISTICAL METHODS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (3-0). Advanced topics in regression, correlation, experimental design, sampling methods, and other statistical methods with emphasis on their application to problems in the administration of operations. Prerequisite: BUSA 5301 (Introduction to statistics) or equivalent.

ECON 5311. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS II (3-0). Provides an overview of microeconomic foundations of economic analysis with a focus on business applications. Topics include supply and demand, marginal analysis, pricing issues and theory of the firm. An overview of macroeconomics is also provided, covering monetary and fiscal policy, inflation, growth and international trade.

FINA 5311. BUSINESS FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (3-0). Study of providing the organization with funds necessary for its operation and of achieving effective utilization of funds. Primary emphasis on financial decision-making within organizations, and techniques of financial analysis and forecasting. Prerequisite: ACCT 5301.

MANA 5312. MANAGEMENT (3-0). Basic exploration of organizations in their environments. The elementary tools of management, which include: organizational objectives, social responsibility and ethics, policies, plans, and decision making; the design of organizations and jobs; the production and technology aspects of organization; the elements of leadership, behavior, and communication; and the elements of control and performance evaluation.

MARK 5311. MARKETING (3-0). Survey of activities involved in marketing. Emphasis is on developing a managerial point of view in planning and evaluating marketing decisions of the firm. Analyzes decisions with respect to products, price, channel, and promotional variables and considers questions relating to cost efficiency, demand, social responsibility and regulations.