About Us: Master of Science in Marketing Research

Chris Wallace Video Text

Chris Wallace I’m Chris Wallace, senior manager of market research at BNSF Railway in Fort Worth, Texas and I really enjoy the field of market research. I think it’s a very fun and interesting field to be in. It helps a person contribute in so many ways to the company. I find being on the leading edge just a fun activity.

After working in market research for a couple of years, I decided that I probably needed some more skill set if I was going to make this a career and I looked into UT Arlington’s MSMR program. What I found that really impressed me was the advisory board, first and foremost. Having industry leaders to be able to interact with and learn from helped me as a student tremendously.

I also found the curriculum very in depth. You have a lot of variety. I also found the professors to be very high quality. These skills that I learned I think were very tangible skills and gave me a toolset I could apply really from day one, walking into a company. And these were skills that I don’t believe other people really had. I was able to bring something to the table from the get go. I really enjoy that aspect of my career.

I think a student coming from the MSMR program brings with them an approach to solving problems, an analytical skill set and approach that can be applied in so many ways, whether it’s qualitative research, or survey methodology, or data modeling. Any of those skills can be transferred into so many worlds of product development, innovation, product management, advertising, strategic planning, all sorts of fields. And I think that it’s been a very good thing in my career. It’s taken me a long ways.

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