About Us: Master of Science in Marketing Research

Ginger Lindsey Video Text

Ginger Lindsey Hi, my name is Ginger Lindsey. I am an executive recruiter and my firm places marketing research professionals in jobs all around the United States. I’ve been involved with the MSMR progam at UTA for about the last 10 years and am coming to the university once a semester for presentations in a professional development series.

One of the reasons I think right now is a great time to be in marketing research is, well, an article that was just put out by Money magazine in May listed the top 10 jobs in the United States right now. Number 6 was Market Research Analyst. So I think that says a lot for what’s happening in the industry and the opportunities for students who have an interest in market research, who have strong analytical skills, who are passionate about helping companies grow their business. And this program can really help students get into that field and to understand all the reasons why market research is vital to any organization that has consumers.

I think that there are a number of things that really help students and help all professionals to really grow in their careers. One of the things that I think is really important is that students have a solid education, an education that really proves to a potential employer that they are serious about their career. Having an MSMR degree from UTA is just a huge benefit for somebody as they go to start their career. Only four universities in the United States even offer this program and the support that’s here at UTA, the help and the interaction of the Advisory Board, which is comprised of professionals in the market research industry is just so plentiful to the students. They have many resources here and the professors – most of them – have been practitioners in market research, which also makes it so valuable for the students.

I think that there are opportunities for people in market research who’ve got great analytical skills, who are great communicators; people who are inquisitive and people who also have just a real desire to figure out and find solutions for business problems.

This is a great program. It’s centrally located in the United States. There are just wonderful opportunities for the students and I’ve been very impressed by what’s going on over the last 10 years with this program and the changes that I’ve seen with it — the support and the caliber of the quality of students who come out of this program, a number of them that I’ve helped in their career at one point or another.

So I think that anybody considering a career in market research would really benefit themselves and just add so much to their foundation by attending this program. I think it’s a great program and will continue to be involved with it as long as they let me.

Thank you.