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Jack Marquardt Video Text

Jack Marquardt Hi, my name is Jack Marquardt and I’m an MSMR graduate from class of December 1997. I’m here to tell you a little bit about the impact that my MSMR degree has on my career and what it might mean for you.

When I went through and described the perfect job for me for a brother-in-law, he recommended I come down to UTA and check out the MSMR program. It was amazing that it was a perfect fit for me and has meant a lot.

I owe everything in my career to UTA and the connections that I’ve made here, because they’ve advanced my career. From my first internship that I got, from on-campus interviewing, to my first position with a former faculty member, to my first client-side position with an advisory board member, and my current position with an advisory board company that I received a referral from an advisory board member.

The amazing thing about our industry is that you can go very far. You need two things: The first is a great education that you can get here at UTA with the MSMR program; the second is the intellectual curiosity. If you’re able to combine those two things, you can have a wonderful career in the market research industry. The most exciting thing about the industry is the amount of impact and influence you can have as an individual.

It’s a very exciting industry and I hope you’ll come down to UTA to get an MSMR degree as well.

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