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Jamie Baker-Prewitt Video Text

Jamie Baker-Prewitt One of the key benefits to students enrolling in the MSMR program at UTA is the advisory board for the program. The advisory board assists student in three key areas, and those are generally (1) the curriculum, (2) the mentorship programs, as well as (3) placement for students.

The advisory board members look at the overall set of courses that comprise the program and they also review the actual course content for individual classes to ensure that the program keeps on top of emerging trends in the marketing research industry.

Advisory board members also serve as guest lecturers for classes to infuse the program with some real-world applications of the marketing research principles that students learn about in the program.

Advisory board members serve as mentors to individual students as well and in this capacity they provide consultation on which courses they should take and help students make other decisions and choices that will move them toward their educational and career goals. This aspect of service on the advisory board, I can say from personal experience, is very, very rewarding because you really connect with the students.

Finally, advisory board members assist students in placement, both in terms of internships, and seeking and securing full-time employment, post graduation. Advisory board members counsel students on whether they should seek employment within a client organization or a research company, what kinds of positions they might seek to achieve their goals, and they also provide consultation on resume composition and give some assistance on interviewing skills.

So in sum, the advisory board really enhances the educational experience of MSMR students.

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