About Us: Master of Science in Marketing Research

Jerry Thomas Video Text

Jerry Thomas My name is Jerry Thomas and I’m President and CEO of an international marketing research company called Decision Analyst, Inc. It’s headquartered here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and we work with major corporate clients across North America and Western Europe primarily. We work in other areas, but those are our predominant market areas.

One of the things about the MSMR program that I think is really unique, is the opportunity by only taking five additional courses, to get a second graduate degree, such as a master of science in finance, or a master of science in accounting, or a master of arts degree in economics, or an MBA. And I think going into the job market with both an MSMR degree and another master’s degree in business really gives you a tremendous advantage as you begin your career and getting that first job, as well as being considered for promotions.

The world is awash in students with MBAs, but not many students with two master’s degrees. So, for only another 15 hours, you can greatly improve your chances of getting that first job and greatly improve your chances of being considered for promotions and leadership positions later im your career. And that’s something very unique about the MSMR program at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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