About Us: Master of Science in Marketing Research

Lindsay Starr Video Text

Lindsay Starr Hi My name is Lindsay Starr. I’m in the Master of Science in Marketing Research program here at the University of Texas at Arlington. I kind of came about this program through some of my own research. My undergraduate degree was in psychology and I’ve always had an interest in consumer insights and consumer opinions. So that’s kind of what led me here.

One of the great things about the program is that you really do get a knowledge of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of marketing research. Some of the other great things that the program offers is an internship. I’m currently interning at Mary Kay and it’s great to receive that kind of hands-on, real-world experience. I developed studies, I do some research design, and I really am involved in the study from start to finish. It’s just a great opportunity and every student in the program is given that experience.

We also have what we call a mentoring program. Every semester each student receives a board member who we can turn to for any kind of support, questions, guidance; they’re there for us, ready to help us at any moment, any time we need anything; great networking opportunity.

So for anyone who is interested in the program, it’s definitely wonderful. You can gain so much from it and I invite you to come out here and check it out.

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