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Gallery Exhibits

You oughta’ be in pictures! In conjunction with the Diversity Lecture Series and/or Diversity Week programs, Multicultural Affairs periodically hosts a special exhibit in the University Center Gallery. The exhibits provide an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to explore issues of multiculturalism in our community. Stop by an exhibit to learn more about the topics presented by Diversity Lecture keynote speakers, as well as, take an active role in showcasing the heritage and many identities in which our students take pride.

View photographs taken at previous exhibits which have included:

Extraordinary Women Gallery Exhibit (Spring 2014)

The Women in Leadership hosted this special exhibit to recognize contributions and impact of female leaders throughout history. Held in conjunction with Diversity Week and Women's History Month. The opening reception welcomed special guest Minnijean Brown Trickey, civil rights legend and member of the Little Rock Nine.

Colors of Diversity: A Project by UT Arlington Alumni Tracy Nanthavongsa and Melvin Varughese (2012)

Imagine a day where we are not judged by the color of our skin, our gender, or our sexual orientation. Inspired by the Hindus "Holi" festival, the artists this artists created the exhibit to celebrate the unity of cultures, genders, and sexual orientation in a place where we aren't labels, but a community united in color. In India, a caste system exists which defines and restricts society status at birth. "Holi" is a day when this belief is cast aside and everyone is seen as equals. The artists wanted to use this "equality" tradition from another culture and merge it with their own modern photographic representation of equality. Learn more, at the official Colors of Diversity website.

It’s a Maverick World (Spring 2011)

Held in conjunction with UTA Diversity Week

The UTA Identity Project (Fall 2010)

Inspired by visiting Diversity Lecture keynote presenter, Kip Fulbeck


Have an idea for an exhibit you’d like to see? Be sure your topic helps to educate others about diversity, multiculturalism, and/or a social justice issue.

Email your idea and inspiration to Leticia Martinez, Multicultural Affairs Director, at