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It's a Maverick World

Spring 2011

At UT Arlington, we take tremendous pride in the diversity of our campus community! Multicultural Affairs and EXCEL Campus Activities joined forces to host our first “It’s a Maverick World” exhibit as part of UTA Diversity Week in spring 2011. Approximately 100 students participated in a special photo session that celebrated the theme of inter-racial relationships.

student group
EXCEL students celebrate our Maverick diversity!

The Inspiration: Platanos & Collard Greens

The featured theatrical performance of Diversity Week was Platanos & Collard Greens. This award winning play dares to explore the dynamics of inter-racial relationships in America. Can we accept each other’s differences? Can we celebrate our similarities? This touching and often hilarious play offers some insight while helping to discover new perspectives on the benefits of sharing and learning about our rich cultural heritage.

Scroll below to see photographs displayed at the “It’s a Maverick World” exhibit.

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