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Maversity workshop



The Maversity program consists of a series of diversity workshops aimed at empowering students to be leaders in a diverse community. These fun and interactive workshops are open to all UT Arlington students. Maversity provides a safe space to probe hot topics like gender, race, stereotypes, prejudice, privilege, personal identity, socio-economic class, and social justice issues. Maversity workshops are hosted by the Leaders Educating About Diversity (LEAD) team, a specially selected group of student peer facilitators.

Program Goals

Through participation in Maversity, students will be able to…

  • Explore personal beliefs about diversity issues.
  • Increase understanding and sensitivity among individuals.
  • Discover common ground and similarities.
  • Develop leadership, conflict resolution and critical thinking skills.

Through these opportunities, the intended outcomes are to…

  • Encourage civic engagement and social responsibility.
  • Foster respect and collaboration amongst groups.
  • Empower students to be servant leaders in a diverse community.

How can you participate?

  • Six workshops are held each semester.
  • New topics are offered each workshop so you can attend one or multiple sessions!
  • Space is limited to 25 students per workshop.
  • Free lunch served at all workshops.

Earn recognition awards!

  • The more workshops you attend, the more prizes you earn!
  • See the recognition levels link on left side menu for more details.
  • Attend an elective event to climb the recognition ladder. Electives listed on link on left menu.