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Photo Gallery

2012-13 GALLERY

Homecoming 2012

Homecoming 2012


HHM 2012: Carnaval

hhm carnaval 2012


2011-12 Gallery

Diversity Week
MAVfest 2012

mavfest 2011


Welcome Week 2011

welcome week 2011


HHM 2011 Carnaval:
Dancing with Mavericks

group of students


Black Leadership
Institute 2012



HHM 2011: Ollimpaxqui
Dance Company



HHM 2011:
Educational Event

educational event


AHM 2011: Commissioner
Andy Nguyen



BHM 2012 Misc

bhm 2012 misc


BHM 2012:
The Barbershop Hour

barbershop hour


BHM 2012:
Evolution of Hip Hop

hip hop


BHM 2012: A Night
of Soul with Dallas
Black Dance Theater

soul night


HHM 2011:
Kick Off Fiesta

hhm 2011 kick off