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BLI Highlights 2014

Featured Keynote: Lamarr Womble, Founder of Passion Nation!

Lamarr has always had a knack for leadership, passion for people, and was heavily involved in leadership positions throughout his high school and college years. He has taken these tools and turned them into Define Your Passion, a high energy, interactive program designed to encourage students to pursue the dreams and ambitions that are in their hearts to achieve the results they want out of life.

Cultural Performance: Baba Kwasi,
The Rhythm of Success in Life

Baba Kwasi is the co-founder of the Ayubu Kamau Kings and Queens, a company that provides performing arts and cultural enrichment programs focused on character building and cultural awareness. His Ubuntu drum circle presentation is a unique personal growth and team building experience using the universal principles of rhythm, movement, sound and vibrations.

Education & Networking Sessions

This year’s BLI workshop tracks will focus on leadership, education, social justice/social change, and student life & wellness. Participants will also engage in networking activities including empowerment circles and goal setting activities facilitated by the BLI Kiongozi team, a select group of student peer leaders.