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Kaleidoscope Multicultural Leaders Retreat

Overview and Purpose

Diversity is like a kaleidoscope with its complex pattern of constantly changing colors and designs. During KALEIDOSCOPE, we hope to broaden each individual’s scope of understanding of the complex combination of cultures and people that are all part of the Maverick community.

The purpose of the program is to foster dialogue about diversity issues in a meaningful and powerful way while helping to empower students to be leaders in a diverse community.  Kaleidoscope will be a one day retreat that will provide participants the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking and team building activities.


  • Create an atmosphere for open dialogue on multiculturalism
  • Increase personal awareness of one’s impact on his/her community
  • Strengthen knowledge of diversity issues affecting the campus and community
  • Promote a deeper understanding of and respect for others
  • Encourage coalition building amongst organization leaders
  • Cultivate skills and potential to be effective servant leaders


Space is limited. By invitation only. A select group of student leaders will be invited each year. This includes a select group of cultural student organization presidents and officers, Multicultural Maverick Executive Board, and LEAD ambassadors. Invitations are extended by the first week in May. If your organization is not currently on the invite list, you may contact the Multicultural Affairs Director prior to May 1st with your request to be considered.


is an intensive leadership and diversity immersion experience for UTA student leaders!