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Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Concerto Competition, Edward Dealecio and KC Graham.  Thank you to all the students for an excellent competition this year!
Conducted by Dr. Clifton Evans, the UTA Orchestras present a season of concerts consisting of major works from the standard orchestral repertoire.  Through the performance of these works, students are exposed to different musical styles while acquiring the orchestral skills necessary to develop their professional careers.  There are two ensembles with which students can perform: the UTA Symphony Orchestra, a full symphony orchestra made up strictly of students, and the Faculty and Friends Chamber Orchestra, an ensemble made up of Faculty, professional colleagues in the area, and our finest students.  The orchestras are open to any student at the University who qualifies by audition, including both music and non-music majors.  Merit-based scholarships are made available to qualified members based on their audition.
Please visit our YouTube page for recordings of recent performances!
UTA Symphony Orchestra  
November 13-7:30 p.m.-Irons Recital Hall  
     Overture TBA  
     Piano Concerto in C# Minor   NikolaiRimsky-Korsakov
         KC Graham, piano  
     Trombone Concertino  Ferdinand David
         Edward Dealecio, trombone  
     Symphony No. 9
Antonin Dvorak



ORCHESTRA ENSEMBLES, Dr. Clifton Evans, Director of Orchestras
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