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UT Arlington Experts - Experts

Abolmaali, Ali

Ali Abolmaali
Professor of Civil Engineering
infrastructure needs; development of pipes laced with steel fibers

Adam, Thomas

Thomas Adam
Associate Professor

Alaimo, Stacy

Stacy Alaimo
Associate Professor of English
multicultural literatures; 20th century literature of the U.S.; environment literature; environmental health; environmental justice

Amaro-Jimenez, Carla

Carla Amaro-Jimenez
Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education and Health Professions
bilingual education; English as a second language curriculum and instruction
available to interview in Spanish

Anderson, Cheryl

Cheryl Anderson
RN, Ph.D., CNS
family violence; workplace violence; teen pregnancy; maternal-child health

Andrade, Brandi

Brandi Andrade
Adjunct Instructor
American women's history; theatre history; feminist theatre; acting; producing; dramaturgy

Anjomani, Ard

Ard Anjomani
Professor, School of Urban and Public Affairs
growth and transportation trends

Ardekani, Siamak

Siamak Ardekani
Professor, Professional Engineer
growth and transportation trends; traffic flow theory; public transportation design; transportation modeling and trends; emergency transportation management (e.g. detours, evacuations, and management of post-disaster operations)

Arvidson, Enid

Enid Arvidson
Associate Professor School of Urban and Public Affairs
growth and transportation trends; planning; urban and regional theory; and economic impact of Tax Increment Financing districts

Ausbrooks, Carrie

Carrie Ausbrooks
Associate Dean, College of Education and Health Professions
charter schools

Baker, Joy D.

Joy D. Baker
Associate Clinical Professor
nursing administration and leadership; perioperative nursing; meaning-making relative to relocation transitions in life

Baker, R.C.

R.C. Baker
Professor, Chair of Department of Information Systems and Operations Management
quality control

Baker, Susan Gonzalez

Susan Gonzalez Baker
Director, Center for Mexican American Studies
Research areas include Mexican migration to the United States, experiences of Mexican immigrant women in U.S. labor markets, U.S. immigration policy, and race/ethnic differences in homelessness in the United States.
available to interview in Spanish

Barnes, Donelle

Donelle Barnes
Associate Professor
refugees, especially Cuban and Bosnian refugees; Hispanic populations and health disparities
available to interview in Spanish

Beamon, Krystal

Krystal Beamon
Assistant Professor, College of Sociology and Anthropology
race, class, and sport in the media; racial and ethnic groups in the U.S.

Becker, Barbara

Barbara Becker
Dean, School of Urban and Public Affairs
city planning; land use and growth control; comprehensive and strategic planning

Behbehani, Khosrow

Khosrow Behbehani
respiratory and anesthesia device design and analysis; microprocessor-based control design for biomedical systems; computer modeling of biomedical systems; modern control theory applications in biomedical engineering; stochastic and deterministic systems

Bell, Myrtle P.

Myrtle P. Bell
Professor, College of Business Management
workplace diversity

Bing, Robert L.

Robert L. Bing
Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts Criminology and Criminal Justice
corrections; plea-bargaining; sentencing; criminal justice education, program evaluation; race and crime

Bredow, Jonathan

Jonathan Bredow
remote sensing; RADAR; microwave circuits; antennas; electromagnetics; digital signal processing; digital systems

Briggs, Elten

Elten Briggs
Assistant Professor
services marketing

Buckley, Michael

Michael Buckley
Professor, School of Architecture
commercial property and property repositioning; urban planning and development

Buckwalter, John

John Buckwalter
Professor and Chair
kinesiology; youth sports; exercise science; fitness; cardiovascular physiology; blood pressure control; autonomic nervous system
available to interview in Spanish

Butler, Randall

Randall Butler
Visiting Assistant Professor
Native American policing; restorative justice; criminal procedure; police training; Navajo juvenile delinquency

Butts, Marcus M.

Marcus M. Butts
Assistant Professor

Caloss, Ronald

Ronald Caloss
Director, Superintendent Certification Program
public school finance; bond elections; dressing for the interview; resumes and interviewing; dealing with the media; unwritten rules for leadership; reaching out and making a difference

Carpenter, Karel

Karel Carpenter
Lecturer and Academic Advisor
terrorism-bioterrorism; epidemiological investigation; domestic preparedness; terrorism response; emergency response certification

Casey, Colleen

Colleen Casey
Assistant Professor, School of Urban and Public Affairs
power and its effects; growing gaps between rich and middle class; how power is used and misused; governance research; inequality in access to credit; urban and community development

Casper, Wendy J.

Wendy J. Casper
Assistant Professor, College of Business Management
business trends in the region; work-life issues; training and development; organizational behavior

Cavallo, Ann

Ann Cavallo
Associate Professor
science teaching and learning at all levels; impact of science learning on underserved or underrepresented groups (minorities, women); impact of technology on students' science learning; psychological aspects of student learning; examining students' scientific reasoning abilities

Cavanagh, Daniel

Daniel Cavanagh
Assistant Professor
jazz studies; composition; improvisation; jazz ensemble direction

Cawthon, Elisabeth A.

Elisabeth A. Cawthon
Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the History Department
British history; civil liberties and law

Chan, Wen S.

Wen S. Chan
mechanics of composite structures; fracture mechanics; damage tolerance and durability analysis; structural analysis; finite element analysis; structural design; aerospace structures

Chapa, Joe

Joe Chapa
Associate Professor
theatrical combat; children's theatre; children's literature

Che, Hao

Hao Che
Assistant Professor
network architecture and design; network resource management; multi-service switching architecture; network processor design

Chen, Victoria

Victoria Chen
Associate Professor
engineering statistics; design of experiments; statistical modeling; dynamic programming

Cherry, Susan

Susan Cherry
Clinical instructor
public health, disaster response

Chiao, J.C.

J.C. Chiao
medical devices; microelectromechanical system (MEMS); optics; optical networks; pain management; radio frequency identification (RFID); medical implants; microfluidics; wireless; microwaves and millimeterwaves; quasi-optics

Chiasson, Charles C.

Charles C. Chiasson
Associate Professor
ancient Greek language and literature, including mythology

Choi, C.Y.

C.Y. Choi
Assistant Professor
open economy macroeconomics (monetary policy); international finance (exchange rate movements); time series econometrics

Clark, Jill

Jill Clark
Associate Professor
horizontal federalism; policy diffusion and re-invention

Cole, Richard

Richard Cole
intergovernmental relations; public policy; urban politics

Collins, Denise

Denise Collins
Clinical Assistant Professor
child growth and development; parenting

Corley, H.W.

H.W. Corley
mathematics; modeling; statistics; optimization
available to interview in Spanish

Crowder, WIlliam J.

WIlliam J. Crowder
Professor of Economics, College of Business
business trends in the region; macroeconomics; general economy questions

Daniel, Kathryn M.

Kathryn M. Daniel
Clinical Instructor, Interim Director Adult and Gerontologic Nurse Practitioner Program
nurse practitioner practice in long term care; care of the frail elderly; estimation of renal function in the ambulatory elderly

Deen, Rebecca

Rebecca Deen
Associate Professor Political Science, College of Liberal Arts
political science: women in politics; race and ethnicity

del Carmen, Alejandro

Alejandro del Carmen
Criminology and Criminal Justice Chair, Associate Professor
racial profiling; use of force; policing; immigration issues related to crime; crime patterns
available to interview in Spanish

DeSimone, Jeffrey S.

Jeffrey S. DeSimone
UTA and Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research; Assistant Professor
education; health; labor; politics in economics

Dihigo, Sharolyn

Sharolyn Dihigo
Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner - Primary Care
colicky babies; learning disabilities

Dobbs, Rhonda R.

Rhonda R. Dobbs
Assistant Professor
gender and crime; theories of crime; victimization; fear of crime

Dogan, Atilla

Atilla Dogan
Assistant Professor
flight dynamics and control; nonlinear flight simulation; aircraft escape maneuvers in microburst with turbulence; automatic transmission modeling and control; unmanned aerial vehicles; vortex effect modeling; modeling and control of formation flight; probabilistic path planning; modeling and control of aerial refueling for UAVs; human factor modeling

Dowdy, John V.

John V. Dowdy
Attorney at Law; Senior Lecturer in Business Law
probate and wills; mediation

Dulaney, William Marvin

William Marvin Dulaney
Associate Professor History, College of Liberal Arts
African American history; blacks; race relations in Dallas

Eakin, Mark

Mark Eakin
Associate Professor
general statistical methodology; visual basic for applications

Espinosa, Sergio

Sergio Espinosa
Associate Professor
string education; orchestra conductor; International Baccalaureate Organization Music Chief Examiner, 2001-06
available to interview in Spanish

Evans, Clifton

Clifton Evans
Director of Orchestra
orchestra; conducting; orchestral literature

Experts, Election

Election Experts
University Communications
The University of Texas at Arlington has experts on the government, health care, economy, voting behavior, religion and race, presidential history, foreign policy, social media influence, immigration, and many other topics related to the elections. Visit this link for more details. Call University Communications at 817-272-2761 to arrange an interview with an expert.

Fairbanks, Robert

Robert Fairbanks
Professor and Chair

Faris, Wendy B.

Wendy B. Faris
Professor and Chair
modern and contemporary British, French, and Latin American fiction; modern literature and painting; magical realism; the Bloomsbury Group; Carlos Fuentes
available to interview in Spanish

Farrar-Myers, Victoria

Victoria Farrar-Myers
American politics; U.S. presidency; U.S. congress; campaign finance; presidential campaigns; American foreign policy; political leadership

Forgey, Fred A.

Fred A. Forgey
Clinical Professor, College of Business
commercial property; planning/development

Fowler, Shannon K.

Shannon K. Fowler
Assistant Professor
prison sexual assault; community violence

Frazier, Greg

Greg Frazier
Associate Professor
operations management; inventory management; project management

Freling, Traci L.

Traci L. Freling
Assistant Professor Marketing, College of Business
business trends in the region; retail sales; consumer behavior and trends

Gaupp, Andrew C.

Andrew C. Gaupp
nonprofit arts management; acting; directing

Goldberg, Joyce S.

Joyce S. Goldberg
Associate Professor

Grant, Sasha

Sasha Grant
Assistant Professor
corporate/organizational identity; internal and external organizational communication; corporate/managerial communication; organizational storytelling; corporate ethics and values

Green, George N.

George N. Green

Greene, Richard E.

Richard E. Greene
Adjunct Professor, School of Urban and Public Affairs
political process at all levels of government; the development of ordinances; state and federal regulations; urban affairs management; environmental protection; climate change; history; current affairs

Grodach, Carl W.

Carl W. Grodach
Assistant Professor, School of Urban and Public Affairs
power and its effects; urban development; community and economic development; cultural planning and policy; urban community design; urban tourism

Hadaway, Nancy L.

Nancy L. Hadaway
adolescent literacy; children's and young adult literature; English as a second language; online instruction

Harvey, Michelle

Michelle Harvey
scene design; painting; properties; photography; art and rendering; computer graphics and drafting; hand drafting

Haynes, Sam W.

Sam W. Haynes
Professor History, College of Liberal Arts
Texas Revolution and republic; southwestern studies

Hayunga, Darren K.

Darren K. Hayunga
Assistant Professor
real estate; spatial statistics

Hissong, Rod

Rod Hissong
Associate Professor, School of Urban and Public Affairs
power and its effects; public financing; appraisal assessments and protests in North Texas

Holliday, Kathryn E.

Kathryn E. Holliday
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
Director, David Dillon Center for Texas Architecture; modern architecture, history and theory; historic preservation

Hopman, David D.

David D. Hopman
Associate Professor, School of Architecture
Registered Landscape Architect; critical regionalism and landscape aesthetics; the interpretation and design of regional ecological communities in complex cultural landscapes; computer visualization; planting design; extensive green roof design; Sustainable Sites Initiative

Howard, Jeff

Jeff Howard
Assistant Professor, School of Urban and Public Affairs

Hu, Quinhong

Quinhong Hu
Assistant Professor Earth and Environmental Sciences, College of Science

Huang, Haiying

Haiying Huang
Assistant Professor
structural health monitoring; sensor technologies

Huff, Brian

Brian Huff
Associate Professor
robotics and automation; autonomous systems; systems modeling; discrete event simulation; enterprise analysis and design; time-based competition

Hunt, Andrew

Andrew Hunt
Assistant Professor of Science, Earth and Evironmental Science

Hunter, Ski

Ski Hunter
lesbian and gay issues

Hurdle, Julian

Julian Hurdle
Assistant Professor of Biology, College of Science
health; wellness; healthcare: virology and microbiology; working on a treatment for a hospital-based infection called C.difficile

Hyle, Adrienne E.

Adrienne E. Hyle
Chair and Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
leadership; organizational change; K-12 and higher education faculty and gender issues

Isbell, Steve E.

Steve E. Isbell
real estate development

Jalloh, Alusine

Alusine Jalloh
Associate Professor of Liberal Arts, College of History

Jin, Michael

Michael Jin
Assistant Professor
solar energy; solar cell materials and devices; renewable energy

Jolly, Marilyn

Marilyn Jolly
Associate Professor
painting; two-dimensional art (drawing, printmaking); organic gardening; garden design

Khavul, Susanna

Susanna Khavul
Assistant Professor

Kim, Choong-Un

Choong-Un Kim
Associate Professor
microelectronic devices and processing; thin film materials; physical metallurgy; failure analysis and reliability assessments

Koh, Seung Jin

Seung Jin Koh
Assistant Professor
single-electron devices; sensors for molecular-level detection; surface science

Kruzic, Andrew

Andrew Kruzic
Professional Engineer, Associate Professor
environmental engineering; wastewater treatment

Kumar, Mohan

Mohan Kumar
pervasive computing; opportunistic networks and computing; wireless networks and mobility; mobile agents; distributed computing

Kunovich, Robert

Robert Kunovich
Assistant Professor of Sociology
national identity and nationalism; prejudice; statistics

Lacefield, Gary

Gary Lacefield
Senior Lecturer
mortgage compliance; business finance; conflict resolution and mediation

Lavelle, James

James Lavelle
Assistant Professor

Lee, Joohi

Joohi Lee
Assistant Professor
early mathematics; school achievement of children of immigrants

Lee, Wei-Jen

Wei-Jen Lee
utility deregulation; renewable energy; load forecasting; power quality; distribution, automation, and demand side management; power systems analysis; online real time equipment diagnostic and prognostic systems; microcomputer based instruments for power systems monitoring; measurement; control; protection

Leffingwell, R. Jon

R. Jon Leffingwell
Associate Professor
stress management; reduction of anxiety; increasing pro-social behavior in schools

LeFlore, Judy

Judy LeFlore
Associate Professor, Director of Pediatric, Acute Care Pediatric and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program
pediatric and neonatal advanced practice nursing; technology in the classroom; developing and implementing simulation as a formative and summative tool

Lewis, Frank L.

Frank L. Lewis
Professor, Professional Engineer
feedback control systems; neural networks for control; discrete event systemsl robotics; adaptive systems

Liu, Hanli

Hanli Liu
medical instrumentation and imaging; minimally-invasive and non-invasive spectroscopy and imaging of tissue; optical diffuse imaging for cancer prognosis and brain activities

Lu, Frank K.

Frank K. Lu
gasdynamics; aerodynamics; propulsion; detonation; combustion; shock waves; blast waves; aerospace engineering; energy conversion

Mack, Dave

Dave Mack
Associate Dean, College of Business

Maher, Dennis M.

Dennis M. Maher
Associate Professor of Theatre Arts
The Society for American Baseball Researchers; player salaries issues; MLB Hall of Fame

Maizlish, Stephen

Stephen Maizlish
Associate Professor

Makedon, Fillia

Fillia Makedon
biomedical informatics; pervasive technologies; assistive environments; bioinformatics; knowledge management; e-health; security; privacy; database applications

Mani, Sudha

Sudha Mani
Assistant Professor
alliances and networks; new product development; international market entry

Marshall, Linda

Linda Marshall
Clinical Instructor

Marshall, Thomas

Thomas Marshall
Professor, Political Science
public opinion; campaigns and elections; political methodology

Martinez-Cosio, Maria

Maria Martinez-Cosio
Assistant Professor, School of Urban and Public Affairs

Matheson, Neill

Neill Matheson
Assistant Professor
nineteenth-century American literature; American fiction
available to interview in Spanish

Mattingly, James

James Mattingly
Associate Professor of Engineering, College of Civil Engineering

Mattioli, Glen

Glen Mattioli
Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences
neotectonic and volcanic processes

McClean, Bethany

Bethany McClean
Clinical Instructor
school health

McClellan, Rhonda L.

Rhonda L. McClellan
Associate Professor, Department of Education Leadership and Policy Studies
educational and school board leadership

Meiners, Roger

Roger Meiners
Goolsby Distinguished Professor of Economics and Law; Chairman, Economics Department
legal and economic aspects of environmental policy; economic analysis

Meletis, Stathis

Stathis Meletis
surface engineering; multifunctional thin films; small-scale materials; material-environment interactions; plasma treatments for surface hardening

Montgomery, Ronald

Moon, Hyejin

Hyejin Moon
Assistant Professor
micro and nanofluidics; biomems and bionems; surface and interfacial phenomena; micro-medical devices; micro and nano manufacturing

Moore, Michael

Michael Moore
Associate Professor of Liberal Arts, College of Political Science

Morgan, Lael

Lael Morgan
writing/publishing; frontier history; Alaska; Texas; Montana; Maine; South Seas; benefits of high school journalism for disadvantaged students; distance education

Murillo, Michelle

Michelle Murillo
Assistant Professor
painting; drawing; printmaking, including woodcut, silkscreen, lithography, intaglio, digital media

Najafi, Mohammad

Mohammad Najafi
Assistant Professor
construction management; asset management; construction and renewal of infrastructures (pipeline construction, pipeline renewal); trenchless technology

Narrett, David

David Narrett
Associate Professor of History, College of Liberal Arts

Neilson, Rebecca

Rebecca Neilson
Lecturer and Adviser, Masters of Science in Human Resource Management Program
human resources; active Army reservist

Nelson, Larry

Larry Nelson
Assistant Professor
physical education; dance education; service learning in teacher education; resiliency and at-risk youth; adventure and outdoor education

Newcomb, Patricia

Patricia Newcomb
Assistant Professor
general pediatrics; childhood health promotion; childhood asthma; childhood immunizations; pediatric primary care; genomics in patient care

Nordtvedt, Liliana P.

Liliana P. Nordtvedt
Assistant Professor
available to interview in Spanish

Ozdil, Taner R.

Taner R. Ozdil
Assistant Professor, School of Architecture; Associate Director for Research, Center for Metropolitan Density
landscape architecture; urban design and physical planning; the relationship between design and value creation (economic, environmental, social, and cultural) within the physical confounds of downtowns, mixed-use centers, and high-density urban areas

Page-Brill, Jaimie

Jaimie Page-Brill
Assistant Professor
social welfare policy; homelessness; exoneree project

Phillips, Sara Jane

Sara Jane Phillips
Adjuct Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Price, Joshua

Joshua Price
Assistant Professor, Economics

Priest, John W.

John W. Priest
product development; manufacturing; knowledge engineering and management; design for manufacturing; micro fabrication; meso fabrication; process development

Puppala, Anand

Anand Puppala
Professor, Professional Engineer
soil stabilization; soil reinforcement; pavement materials characterization; instrumentation and data acquisition

Quick, James Campbell

James Campbell Quick
Professor, College of Business

Raja, M.K.

M.K. Raja
information technology; information systems; software engineering; systems design; information security; computer forensics; cyber crime

Rasheed, Abdul A.

Abdul A. Rasheed

Reeder, Harry P.

Harry P. Reeder
Associate Professor
phenomenology; critical thinking; modern philosophy; philosophy of science; philosophy of language
available to interview in Spanish

Resch, Jacob

Jacob Resch
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
brain injuries; concussions; heat illnesses; athletic training education

Ricard, Mark D.

Mark D. Ricard
Associate Professor
applied sport biomechanics; biomechanics of injury and rehabilitation; EMG force-fatigue relationship

Richmond, Douglas W.

Douglas W. Richmond
available to interview in Spanish

Rodnitzky, Jerry

Jerry Rodnitzky

Rodriguez, John J.

John J. Rodriguez
Assistant Professor
gangs; transnationalism; immigration; human trafficking
available to interview in Spanish

Saini, Ritesh

Ritesh Saini
Assistant Professor
consumer psychology and behavior; retail sales; pricing

Sasley, Brent E.

Brent E. Sasley
Assistant Professor
Middle East politics; Israeli and Turkey politics and foreign policy; foreign policy analysis; international security and conflict; Caspian Sea energy politics

Sattler, Melanie

Melanie Sattler
Assistant Professor, Professional Engineer
emissions measurement; air-quality modeling; air pollution control technologies

Saxe, Allan

Allan Saxe
Associate Professor
state and local government; American national government; civil liberties; politics and cinema; Arlington city politics

Schoech, Richard D.

Richard D. Schoech
human services administration; community practice and technology; social work administration; community practice and technology

Semingson, Peggy

Peggy Semingson
Assistant Professor of Literacy Studies
literacy instruction for elementary students; parent participation in their children’s literacy learning; family and community literacy; narrative research; K-12 students with challenges in reading; bilingual education
available to interview in Spanish

Seo, DJ

DJ Seo
Assistant Professor
hydrology; hydraulics; water resources; river flow; flood mitigation; flood plain management; contaminant; transport in streams, numerical and physical modeling of fluid flow; applied fluid mechanics; water distribution

Simowitz, Roslyn

Roslyn Simowitz
Associate Professor
international politics; quantitative studies of international politics; philosophy of science

Sledge, Daniel

Daniel Sledge
Assistant Professor of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts
health policy; public health; American politics, the relationship between the federal government and states

Smith-Osborne, Alexa

Alexa Smith-Osborne
Assistant Professor
veterans health and services; child and adolescent mental health; maternal and child health

Snow, Diane

Diane Snow
Clinical Professor and Director, Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner Program Co-Director
addictions; co-occurring disorders; bipolar disorder; anxiety disorder/PTSD; adult ADHD; neurobiology; genetics of addiction; bipolar disorder

Stickels, John

John Stickels
Assistant Professor

Swanson, Peggy E.

Peggy E. Swanson
John and Judy Goolsby Distinguished Professor and Professor of Finance
foreign exchange markets; iShares and country funds; international portfolio diversification

Tang, Liping

Liping Tang
tissue engineering; biomaterial; biocompatibility; stem cells; drug delivery

Taylor, Pat D.

Pat D. Taylor
Director of Landscape Architecture Program, Associate Professor
landscape architecture; urban design; countryside planning/design; research in landscape architecture

Trevino, Roberto R.

Roberto R. Trevino
Associate Professor of History, Assistant Director, Center for Mexican American Studies
Mexican-American history; Latino religious history
available to interview in Spanish

Trowbridge, Cynthia A.

Cynthia A. Trowbridge
Assistant Professor and Clinical Education Coordinator, Athletic Training Education Program
physical medicine and rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries; athletic training; treatment of acute and chronic injuries; strength and conditioning

Walker, Roger

Roger Walker
microcomputer systems; lasers and optic systems; signal processing; road roughness; embedded real-time instrumentation and control systems

Ward, Michael R.

Michael R. Ward
Associate Professor
economics of regulation and policy; anti-trust; utility regulation; telecommunications; pharmaceuticals

Wiggins, Joy L.

Joy L. Wiggins
Assistant Professor
feminist theory in qualitative research in mostly narrative and poetic transcription of data; multicultural education and multicultural children's literature; using technology in higher education classroom including blogging and online distance education/learning; social action in K-12 classroom; preservice teacher education; English/language arts teaching in middle schools

Williams, James C.

James C. Williams
Professor, Professional Engineer
traffic flow theory; traffic engineering; operation of traffic signal systems; highway and street capacity analysis; freeway operations analysis; transportation systems analysis

Winguth, Arne

Arne Winguth
Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Wright, Beth S.

Beth S. Wright
Dean, College of Liberal Arts; Professor
French paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries; novels of Sir Walter Scott; art

Yazdani, Nur

Nur Yazdani
Chairman and Professor, Civil Engineering Department
structural engineering; concrete/timber bridge design, evaluation and rehabilitation; infrastructure disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery; concrete properties, coastal infrastructure and building codes; engineering education

You, S.M.

S.M. You
boiling heat transfer; thermal management of microelectronics

Zaruba, Gergely

Gergely Zaruba
Associate Professor
wireless networking technologies; optical networking technologies; next generation wireless networks; localization technologies; network simulation

Zhou, Weidong

Weidong Zhou
Assistant Professor
optoelectronic materials and devices; photonic crystal-based semiconductor lasers and detectors; nanophotonics

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