flight nurse     

Flight Nursing is an exciting and unique job related to the field of nursing. The basic mission of the Flight Nurse is to transport a patient from an accident scene to a medical facility or from one facility to another. Nurses’ work under the direction of a physician acting as their eyes, ears, and hands while at the scene and during transport. Patients that may be transported range from neonates to older adults. During transport the RN must continuously assess and, monitor any changes that may occur and to intervene in the event of complications. According to the ASTNA the goal of air medical transport services is “to provide safe and efficient transfer of patients while maintaining or improving the level of care.”

Practice Standards for Flight Nursing state the flight nurse "Shall meet specified qualifications prior to assuming the independent role of the Flight Nurse" and "shall implement nursing care based on current scientific knowledge and within her training and scope of practice." So what are those requirements?

Common requirements include:
(but are not limited to)

  • License as a registered nurse
  • 2-3 years critical care experience and/or
  • 2-3 years of emergency department experience
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support certificate (ACLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support certificate (PALS)

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