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The care provided by nurses must be constantly evaluated and improved based on new information. Through Nursing Research, scientific knowledge can be developed to improve their decision-making regarding what care to provide patients and how to implement that care. A solid research base is needed to document the effectiveness of selected nursing interventions in treating certain patient problems and promoting positive patient outcomes. In addition, nurses need to use research findings to determine the best way to deliver services so that the greatest number of people receive care. Nursingís scientific knowledge base is expanding quickly with the generation of new findings by nurses and other health professionals using a variety of research methods. The knowledge generated through research is essential to provide a scientific basis for description, explanation, prediction, and control of nursing practice (Burns & Grove, 1999, p. 5).


Participation in Nursing Research can occur at all levels of education. ADNs can assist with identification of research problems, assist with data collection, and utilize research findings in practice under supervision. BSNs can actually critique research findings for use in research practice and utilize research findings in practice. At the masterís level, a nurse can collaborate in research projects and provide clinical expertise for research.

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