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Message From the Dean



Dr. Anne Bavier, Professor, Dean of Nursing

Welcome to the College of Nursing and Health Innovation! This is a vibrant time in our college and university—unparalleled excellence is here! We seek new members of our college and that could be YOU, as student, faculty or staff. Yes—YOU!

  • We are the largest producer of baccalaureate educated nurses in the state! Nationally, we are the largest not for profit college of nursing—with approximately 8,000 on-line and in-person students. This works because we set the nation’s model for individualized instruction and coaching—all students, regardless of location or course delivery method, are in small groups with a seasoned faculty member to guide learning. You are an individual in a community of thousands, because we care about the quality of our education and insist that our faculty be master teachers.
  • Our master’s program recognizes the myriad roles of nursing leaders today and in the future. Advanced practice nurses are a must in our health care system and we offer a complete selection, including on-line programs using our well-developed master teacher-coaches and master practitioners. Check out our teaching and administration tracks, too.
  • The Smart Hospital is a national model for simulation instruction for all levels. Come see the amazing virtual world approaches. Our faculty members set the gold standard in these approaches and are highly sought nationally and internationally to share their insights and methods. Come here to learn from the best—as a faculty member or student. Both are welcome, because we embrace life-long earning.
  • The future of the human condition requires doctorally prepared nurses be leaders in practice and research. Our doctorate in nursing practice works exclusively with master practitioners on the leadership and scientific skills to keep our practice systems utilizing state of the art information—real-time translation for today’s patients.
  • Research is a special priority here and we have a robust nursing research doctoral degree in nursing. Students are paired with senior scholars. Our PhD graduates participate in cutting edge science and develop important scientific studies as new scholars—marking their future in improving the human condition.

This year also marks a milestone in our college. We are pleased to welcome Kinesiology,our colleagues and frequent collaborators. This robust and distinguished department is now part of our college. With more than a 1,000 students, they make major contributions to the workforce in our State.

  • Kinesiology offers undergraduate degrees on three pathways: athletic training, exercise science and physical education teacher.
  • Master’s programs are well-grounded in research with significant internships in faculty laboratories and strong outcomes, such as published papers. Other universities crave these graduates for their sophisticated research skills. Specialization in exercise science and athletic training is offered.
  • Coming this year is a new PhD in Kinesiology—a robust research degree that prepares individuals for scientific leadership in academic institutions and the greater research-driven marketplace. It is the first degree here with significant cross-disciplinary instruction, as students take core courses with their colleagues in the nursing research program and with scholars in other university departments, to shape their own independent research dissertation.

As we continue to expand our excellence, there are new positions for faculty with a research focus, staff to support student success and enrollment, and assistants to support advanced scientific inquiry. A new chair in Gerontology was just funded and new tenure/tenure track lines are now available.

Among the excellence here permeates a dedication to diversity of thought, ethnicity, gender, culture, discipline and all the other ways people are unique individuals. We have a large minority student population and diverse faculty and staff. And, our respect for diverse thinking continues to make our College a stimulating and exciting place. It builds on our caring intention, our personal and programmatic strength.

We seek YOU—eager to learn, respectful of diversity and challenged by ways to shape the future human condition though research, practice and education/administration. The healthcare system is changing rapidly and the sooner YOU join our college, the sooner we—together—can foster the best for clients and patients.

Anne Bavier, RN, PhD, FAAN –  Dean