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Nursing - Academic Advisors


Undergraduate Programs

Pre-Licensure BSN Program Advisors

These advisors work with those who are not yet RNs.

Advisor assignments have changed effective July 5.

Betsy Parchem (Last Names: A-B, T) parchem@uta.edu
Kelly Hill (Last Names: C-F, U-V) kelly.n.hill@uta.edu
Denyse Belzile (Last Names: G-J, Wa-Wh) denyse@uta.edu
Moonsun (Chong) Reinaas (Last Names: K-M) mreinaas@uta.edu
Ronald Henson (Last Names: N-Q, Wi-Wz) ronald.henson@uta.edu
Lynne Kinnan (Last Names: R-S, X-Z) kinnan@uta.edu


Veterans to BSN - Lynne Kinnan

RN-BSN Program Advisors

These advisors work with Registered Nurses who are seeking their baccalaureate (BSN) degree and also those interested in the RN-to-MSN Program

Brittina Johnson (Last Names: A-Ce) brittina@uta.edu  
Shatavia Thomas (Last Names: Cf-F) shatavia@uta.edu  
Wily Walter (Last Names: K-Mc) wwalter@uta.edu  
Reggie Hendricks (Last Names: Md-P)  reginald@uta.edu
Chad Fuchs (Last Names: Q-S) cfuchs@uta.edu

Graduate Programs

Department of Advanced Practice Nursing - NP and DNP

On-campus MSN Nurse Practitioner Programs: Sheri Decker s.decker@uta.edu  
Off campus MSN - FNP AP Program: Lisa Rose Lirose@uta.edu
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Mary Schira schira@uta.edu  

PhD and BSN to PhD

Jennifer Gray, Chair: jgray@uta.edu
Vivian Lail-Davis, Assistant: vivian@uta.edu  

Department of Administration and Education

Caitlin Wade: cwade@uta.edu