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Nursing - Academic Advisors


Undergraduate Programs

Pre-Licensure BSN Program Advisors

Some advisor assignments have changed - Please contact the advisor who has been assigned the letters that correspond with the first two letters of your last name.

These advisors work with those who are not yet RNs.
Betsy Parchem (Last Names: A-B, T) parchem@uta.edu
Kelly Hill (Last Names: C-F, U-V) kelly.n.hill@uta.edu
Denyse Belzile (Last Names: G-J, Wa-Wh) denyse@uta.edu
Moonsun (Chong) Reinaas (Last Names: K-M) mreinaas@uta.edu
Ronald Henson (Last Names: N-Q, Wi-Wz) ronald.henson@uta.edu
Lynne Kinnan (Last Names: R-S, X-Z) kinnan@uta.edu


VBSN - Pre-Licensure program for military veterans who are not RNs

This advisor works with military veterans who were classified with a Healthcare Specialist Rating while serving in the military and are not yet Registered Nurses
Veterans to BSN - Lynne Kinnan kinnan@uta.edu

RN-BSN and RN-MSN Program Advisors

This advising team works with Registered Nurses who are seeking their baccalaureate (BSN) degree and also those interested in the RN-to-MSN Program. Please contact advisors for these programs by emailing rnadvising@uta.edu.
This new email address will reach all of the advisors for this program effective August 18.
Adrienne Ballard
Richard Polhamus
Melissa Cooper
Biance Glaze
Brittany Rose
Lauren Lackey
Natalie Burden

Graduate Programs

Department of Advanced Practice Nursing - NP and DNP

On-campus MSN Nurse Practitioner Programs:
    Sheri Decker (Last Name: A-L) s.decker@uta.edu
    Luena Wilson (Last Name: M-Z) lvwilson@uta.edu   
Off campus MSN - FNP AP Program: Lisa Rose Lirose@uta.edu
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Mary Schira schira@uta.edu  

PhD and BSN to PhD

Vivian Lail-Davis, Assistant: vivian@uta.edu  

Department of Administration and Education

Rebekah Black (Last Names: A-L) rjblack@uta.edu
Caitlin Wade (Last Names: M-Z) cwade@uta.edu