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Alitha Jones
Alitha D. Jones, BSN, CCRN, SrLNC, '09
Nursing Alumni Council President

From the President:

 "Leadership is action, not position." - - Donald McGannon

As I think about our Association, I’d like to say it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve as your President. I have learned that the inherent drive and dedication of the Council comes from a history of nurturing. As I assume this role, I keep in mind the trust and belief I have in the Executive Council and the faculty of the College of Nursing.

As an alumnus of UT Arlington, I have witnessed the power of nursing leadership. In our current situation, public and environmental health professionals throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area face many challenges in a tough economic climate. Despite these difficulties, we move ahead and perform at our highest ability to prevent illness, injury, or death. I believe it is the duty as professional nurse to become empowered during such a critical time noted in the world of healthcare. It is time for the alumnus from UT Arlington’s College of Nursing to unite, stand together and show how we can impact our university, community, and nursing profession.

As president of the UT Arlington Nursing Alumni Chapter, I am committed to planning healthcare, social and educational workforce events to benefit the nursing paradigm. Your active participation and support will ensure achievement of goals for our chapter. Your input and ideas will provide us with valuable information that will be used to plan events that appeal to your interests; be it networking events, student mentoring opportunities, community service, social events, and much more.

I encourage you to become involved in the Nursing Alumni Chapter. If you live or work in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, please plan to attend an upcoming event and the next chapter meeting.

I look forward to working with you as we work together to create new partnerships and a mutual bond with The University of Texas at Arlington and what it has to offer; while strengthening the nursing culture and profession in our community, state, and country.

Always a Maverick!


Alitha D. Jones BSN, CCRN, SrLNC, ‘09
President, Nursing Alumni Association

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