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BSN On-Campus FAQs


Did you know....that UT Arlington College of Nursing has been recognized as a high performing school by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board? One of only 9 schools with this designation. (out of 100 in Texas)

Did you know....licensure exam pass rates for UT Arlington College of Nursing graduates has surpassed the State and National average for the past five years?

1. When should I apply to the College of Nursing?

2. How do I apply for admission to the College of Nursing?

3. Do I need to meet with an advisor?

4. What about financial aid and scholarships?

5. What is the College of Nursing's reputation in the community?

6. How often does the College of Nursing Accept Students into the on-campus program?

7. How many students are accepted?

8. Is there a time limit on prerequisites?

9. Do you have a transition program from LVN to BSN?

10. Do you accept transfer credits into the program?

11. Do you have an accelerated program for 2nd degree seeking students?

12. How many students are enrolled in the UT Arlington nursing programs?

13. Do I get to work with patients during nursing school?

14. What is the percentage of males in nursing schools?

15. Can I take nursing courses prior to being accepted into the College of Nursing?

16. What if I want to continue to graduate school after graduating?

17. Is there an online program if I'm not already a nurse?

18. What are the prerequisites for Pharmacologic Implications and Pathophysiologic Implications?

19. Do I still need to take the HESI A2 exam even if I am working in the healthcare field?

20. I've taken the NET. may I submit those scores instead of taking the HESI?