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Scholarship Recipient Comments


Thank you for being a Dream Maker! You make a difference in the lives of our students with your caring scholarship donations as evidenced by these comments from previous recipients. You are making dreams come true year after year.

2012 recipient: Ryan

Upon graduation, it is my ultimate goal to work with children who have diabetes since I was one of those children myself almost ten years ago. Going in and out of outpatient and on occasion inpatient services multiple times per year exposed me to the healthcare system and nurses in general. My high school nurse also had a tremendous effect on my life. She made me want to give my life to helping others and I am forever grateful for it.

2012 recipient: Stephanie

Thank you so much for this generous scholarship! It was the most wonderful feeling to find the letter from UTA in my mailbox. My future plans include pursuing a career in Wound Care nursing or surgical nursing...Your gift will be used to pay off the remainder of my tuition for this semester. I can breathe a little easier knowing that has been taken care of. Thank you so, so, much!

Previous year recipients

I am honored to be receiving the Ella Kate and Wallace Ralston Nursing Student Scholarship this semester. This scholarship has helped me pay for text books and tuition this semester and made focusing on my academic studies less stressful. I am very excited about wound care nursing and hope to grow into the specialty in the coming years after I graduate. I am applying for several nurse residency programs in Texas and hope that a foundation in medical surgical nursing will help me further pursue my goals of becoming a wound care nurse. Thank you again for providing me with this generous scholarship.

Thank you so much for being a dream maker and providing students like myself with opportunities to grow and advance. I truly appreciate your service to the community, and I am thankful to have been selected to receive this scholarship.

I am genuinely thankful for the generous scholarship extended to me. I am currently a Junior II Nursing Student, and with this extra financial assistance I will able to focus more on my studies toward my ultimate goal, a BSN.

I was chosen to receive the scholarship from Arlington Memorial Hospital and would like to thank you for this award. This scholarship means much to me and I am extremely thankful for being selected. This scholarship helps me pay for school expenses such as books and supplies. It enables and assists me in reaching my goals of becoming an RN and provides a boost of confidence and determination to later work towards my master’s.

As a recipient of your gracious donation, I would like to sincerely thank you for supporting me in your contribution to the Annual Dream Makers scholarship fundraiser. Your financial assistance is an extraordinary blessing to me as I continue to pursue my nursing career. I have dreamt of becoming a nurse since I was a child. While growing up in a family of nurses, I have learned that nursing is both an art and a science and has the potential to change the lives of many. Upon receiving my Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree, it is my dream to become employed in the Home Health/Hospice field of nursing. There is great need for superior patient care as our health care industry is rapidly changing. I believe that a patient has the right to both live and die with dignity, and it is my desire to provide them with adequate information and opportunities to better themselves.