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Adams, Phyllis C 

pcadams@uta.edu  Clinical Associate Professor Director, Family NP Program
Faculty Profile
Adegbola, Maxine A adegbola@uta.edu  Assistant Professor  Faculty Profile
Aguilar, Dolores Anne S aguilar@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Anderson, Cheryl c.anderson@uta.edu Associate Professor BSN and Graduate Programs
 Faculty Profile
Anderson, Mindi  manderso@uta.edu Associate Professor  Faculty Profile
Andrews, Tami twright@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Arena-Marshall, Carrie carriemn@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Bacchus, Donna bacchus@uta.edu Clinical Instructor Undergraduate Nursing Program
Faculty Profile
Baird, Becky bbaird@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Baker, Joy Don jdbaker@uta.edu Clinical Associate Professor
 Faculty Profile
Barnes, Donelle M donelle@uta.edu Associate Professor  Faculty Profile
Bates, Sylvia C bates@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Bavier, Anne C bavier@uta.edu Dean
Baxley, Susan M sbaxley@uta.edu Clinical Associate Professor Director  PhD Mentoring Program
 Faculty Profile
Behan, Deborah F dgreen@uta.edu Clinical Associate Professor Coordinator - Honors Program
 Faculty Profile
Bertram, Nancy J nbertram@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Bond, Mary Lou mlbond@uta.edu Professor Emerita
 Faculty Profile
Boyd, Jeanean B jboyd@uta.edu   Director, RN-BSN Program and AP Coordinator
 Faculty Profile
Carlson, Susan scarlson@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor  Faculty Profile
Cherry, Susan M cherry@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Cipher, Daisha J cipher@uta.edu Clinical Associate Professor Assistant to the Dean for Biostatistics and Research
Faculty Profile
Cleary, Donna cleary@uta.edu Clinical Instructor AP BSN Lead Teacher
Faculty Profile
Collom, Chad D
collom@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor  Faculty Profile
Cope, Lynn cope@uta.edu   Student Success Coordinator
Faculty Profile
Courtney, Maureen R Maureen@uta.edu Associate Professor MSN and DNP Program  Faculty Profile
Cross, Ted D crosstd@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Daniel, Kathryn M kdaniel@uta.edu Associate Professor, Associate Chair
Director, Adult and Gerontologic NP
Faculty Profile
Dihigo, Sharolyn Kay sdihigo@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor

MSN PNP and Interim Director, DNP Program
Faculty Profile

Duvall, Sara A duvall@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Eades, Tamara C eades@uta.edu  Clinical Instructor RN-BSN
Faculty Profile
Engle, Nancy C nengle@uta.edu  Clinical Assistant Professor Graduate Program
Faculty Profile
Estrada, Griselle B gestrada@uta.edu Clinical Instructor Student Success Coordinator
Faculty Profile
Ewing, Beverly J ewing@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  
Faculty Profile
Flores, Cecilia cflores@uta.edu   Assistant Dean - Enrollment and Student Services
Faculty Profile
Furr, Deana J dfurr@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  
Faculty Profile
Gainer, Cheryl L gainer@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  
Faculty Profile
Gonzalez, John D johngonz@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor  
Handy, Nancy nhandy@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor  Faculty Profile
Harber, Carol harber@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Student Success Coordinator
Faculty Profile
Harris, Marsha
  Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Haskew, Mary J haskew@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  
Faculty Profile
Hennes, Janelle janhennes@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Hesse, Marti hesse@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Hoolapa, Brenda K hoolapa@uta.edu Clinical Instructor Lead Teacher Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Chair (UEPC)
Faculty Profile
Hughes, Deborah M dhughes@uta.edu Clinical Instructor AP BSN and BSN
Faculty Profile
Jenkins, Terri jenkinsta@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
John, Lauri D ljohn@uta.edu      Clinical Assistant Professor

 Faculty Profile

Associate Chair

Justice, Susan justsu@uta.edu       Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Kim, Soohyun soohyunk@uta.edu          Simulation Manager of Academic Programs - Smart Hospital  
Laird, Sandra slaird@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Leflore, Judy L jleflore@uta.edu


Director, Acute and Primary Care Pediatric and Neonatal NP Programs

Associate Dean for Simulation and Technology and Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Nursing Programs
Faculty Profile
Lieser, Carol
clieser@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Lemons, Jawel lemons@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  
Lindley, Marie mlindley@uta.edu      Clinical Assistant Professor
Faculty Profile
Lowry, Connie T lowryc@uta.edu      Clinical Instructor Lead Teacher Nursing Leadership and Management, and Capstone
Faculty Profile
Madsen, Amy D amadsen@uta.edu      Clinical Instructor  
Major, Sayda major@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  
Makori, Janet jmakori@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile

Mancini, Mary E

mancini@uta.edu Professor Associate Dean/Chair Undergraduate Nursing  Faculty Profile
Mangold, Ellen M mangold@uta.edu Clinical Instructor BSN Program Nursing Leadership and Management, Capstone
Faculty Profile
Marshall, Linda J lindajm@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Maryol, Gladys G maryol@uta.edu    Clinical Instructor Director, BSN and RN to BSN
Faculty Profile
McClean, Bethany mcclean@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
McLean, Janet G jmclean@uta.edu Clinical Instructor BSN, RN to BSN and Distance Education
Faculty Profile
Michael, Jacqueline Lall michaels@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor  Faculty Profile
Mintz-Binder, Ronda D rondamb@uta.edu Clinical Associate Professor  Faculty Profile
Moake, Lindy L moake@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Monghate, Marcia monghate@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Moore, Jodie  jcmoore@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Moore, Sara E  moores@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Morr, Brian D morr@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Myers, Helen J myersh@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Nickols, Juanita jnickols@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Norman, Susan snorman@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Parker, Patti paparker@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Patrick, Vicki Carol  vpatrick@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Plumer, Patricia A plumer@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Plonien, Cynthia plonien@uta.edu Clinical Instructor Director, MSN Nursing Administration
Faculty Profile
Posey, Kimberly D kposey@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Adult/Gero NP Program
Poster, Elizabeth (Liz) poster@uta.edu  Professor (Past Dean of Nursing)
 Faculty Profile
Priddy, Kristen D priddy@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Raudonis, Barbara M raudonis@uta.edu Associate Professor  Faculty Profile
Reid, Dr. Mary Beth maryreid@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor Lead for Critical Care AP BSN and BSN; New Faculty Orientation Coordinator
Faculty Profile
Rogers, Meagan meaganr@uta.edu Clinical Instructor Lead Teacher for Pedi
Faculty Profile
Roye, Jennifer Lynn roye@uta.edu   Clinical Coordinator, APBSN Program
Sandhu, Kamalpreet ksandhu@uta.edu          Simulation Facilitator - Smart Hospital  
Schira, Mary schira@uta.edu Clinical Instructor Acute Care NP Program
Faculty Profile
Shidler, D'Ann shidler@uta.edu Clinical Instructor Foundations
Faculty Profile
Smith, Jason
jason.smith@uta.edu Clinical Instructor NP program  
Snow, Diane E
snow@uta.edu Clinical Professor Director, Psychiatric Mental Health NP Program 
Faculty Profile
Stevenson, Dixie L  dixies@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Stiller, Janeth stiller@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor  Faculty Profile
Suggs, Susan (Grove) grove@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  
Taylor, Lisa G lstaylor@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor  Faculty Profile
Thomas, Patricia
pthomas@uta.edu Clinical Associate Professor  Faculty Profile
Tindell, Shawn tindell@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  BSN Clinical Facilities Coordinator
Faculty Profile
Trejo, Angela M atrejo@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Trevino, Margarita trevinom@uta.edu Clinical Associate Professor Director Center for Hispanic Studies in Nursing and Health   Faculty Profile
Urban, Regina rurban@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Viancourt, Mary Ellen viancourt@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Walker, Dr. Susan Elizabeth swalker@uta.edu Clinical Assistant Professor  Faculty Profile
Washington, Sara swashington@uta.edu       Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Willson, Nancy R willson@uta.edu  Clinical Assistant Professor  Faculty Profile
White, Pamela plwhite@uta.edu Clinical Coordinator  Faculty Profile
Wood, Glenn A gwood@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  
Wood, Phyllis   Clinical Instructor  
Wright-Fenner, Kimberly kmwright@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  
Wyrick, Nancy  wyrick@uta.edu Clinical Instructor  Faculty Profile
Young, Michael meyounguta.edu Professor  Faculty Profile