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Candidate Tips


Caps, gowns, tassels, hoods and invitations may be purchased through the UTA Bookstore.


Bachelor's candidates should purchase a cap, gown and tassel.  Bachelor's candidates with Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude or Cum Laude status may purchase honor cords through the UTA Bookstore. (Call us if you are unsure of your status.) Tassels on caps are to be worn on the right side. After your degree is conferred, BACHELOR's candidates will be asked (as a group) to move your tassel from the right to the left.

Master's candidates should purchase a cap, gown, tassel and master's hood. (apricot trim for nursing and green for kinesiology) Master's candidates have no honor designations. Please visit the UTA Bookstore's website for more information. Tassels on caps are to be worn on the left side.  There will be CON representatives in the staging area prior to the ceremony to help direct you on carrying your hood and handing it to your dean for hooding.

Doctoral candidates will also carry their hood during the processional and will be hooded on stage.

Ceremony Do's and Don'ts

  • Purses, cameras, and valuables - should be left at home OR, arrange for someone to keep your personal belongings. We will not be responsible for items left in the line-up area. If you carry items into the ceremony, you should plan to take them with you when crossing the stage. You may not return to the same seat.
  • NO Cell Phones - Using cell phones or text messaging is NOT allowed during the ceremony.
  • There will be NO seating during the line-up process. Please wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing for an extended period.

Assembling for the Processional

Arrive at College Park Center at the West Entrance one hour prior to the ceremony. Guests should go directly to the seating area by entering in the North and Northwest Entrances.

Tickets are required for guests and graduates - graduates may not use a guest ticket for entrance.

Candidates will check in at the table inside College Park Center and pick up their name card.

Proceed to the designated line-up sections as noted on your cared. Please be aware that you will be STANDING during the line-up process - wear comfortable shoes.

Meeting Area After Ceremony

Spaniolo Drive (formerly Pecan Street) will be closed between 3rd Street and 1st Street to provide a safe area for you to meet your family and friends after the ceremony. Please notify your guests that graduates must exit through the west entrance and guests thorugh the north and northwest entrances. Plan to meet on Spaniolo Drive NOT at an entrance.