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MSN Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an information session about the MSN Program?

When can I start the MSN Degree Program?

Is there a waiting list for admission into UTA Nursing Graduate Program?

What are the admission requirements for the MSN Programs?

What are my options if my GPA in the last 60 hours of my BSN is less than a 2.8?

Does the MSN Program require the GRE?

What is the Excel Spreadsheet requirement?

How do I submit the required Essay?

If I have an ADN or Diploma in Nursing and/or a BS in another field, can I enter the UTA MSN Programs?

If I have a BSN and a Masters in another field, can I enter the MSN Programs at UTA?

How much of the program is online? How often will I have to come to campus for classes?

Can I complete the program in the evenings?

What are the clinical requirements for the Nurse Practitioner programs?

How are clinical sites determined?

Do I have to complete my clinical experiences in the Arlington/FW/Dallas area?

Can I do clinicals through my current job in the evenings and weekends?

What is the difference between an MSN and Post-MSN Certificate Program?

Are there any requirements after graduation?