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Nursing Administration Program


Nursing Administration Study Area Courses
Nursing Management in the Health Care Environment (N5311) focuses on the study of health care organizations in relation to the complex systems in today's society. Health policy issues are presented and discussed in Nursing and Health Care Policy (N5382). Economics and financial management are topics in Financial Management (N5341) while Management of Nursing Operations (N5342) concentrates on strategies for organizational planning and performance. Management Seminar and Practice (N5340) emphasizes the study of leadership and organizational behavior in the health care arena.

Practice Component Courses
Management of practice in an organizational setting is an integral part of Roles and Functions (N5339) of the Nurse Administrator as is Management Seminar and Practice (N5340). The practice component is individualized to the student's experiential background and career goals.

Degree Plan
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Program Director: Cynthia Plonien, DNP, RN, CENP

For additional information, please email the Program Office or call 817-272-9591.