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Graduate Assistants (GTA and GRA)


The College of Nursing provides paid teaching and research assistantship appointments to graduate students in nursing who are in good standing in the University and registered as a full-time student. Graduate students, who have selected teaching as their functional area, are encouraged to participate as teaching assistants to facilitate their future employment in schools of nursing. Non-resident students approved to be Teaching or Research Assistants prior to registration are eligible for resident tuition and fees. (For additional information, see Graduate Catalog).

Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistantship and Doctoral Teaching Fellowship Packages

Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistantship and Doctoral Teaching Fellowship packages are available on a competitive basis to students beginning their first semester of study in UT Arlington doctoral or doctoral-bound programs. These five-year packages may consist of some combination of Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistantships (EGTAs) with full tuition fellowships and grant-funded research assistantships that may include some tuition coverage. Requirements include 50% graduate teaching assistantship, full-time enrollment, and unconditional admission. Interested students should contact Dr. Jennifer Gray, Associate Dean and Chair, Department of MSN Administration, Education, and PhD Programs, for more information.

For more information about the EGTA positions that may be available to PhD students, please visit http://grad.uta.edu/programs/info .