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Welcome to the Smart Hospital!

Thank you for your interest in UT Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation -  Smart Hospital™, a national demonstration center for healthcare provider simulation education, simulation research, and the development of healthcare innovations. Through the use of state-of-the-science human patient simulators, hospital equipment, and additional technology, we provide learning experiences for students to gain proficiency and confidence in healthcare procedures and processes.

The Smart Hospital team members work closely with the College of Nursing and Health Innovation faculty to integrate simulation throughout the curriculum to enhance the learning, retention, and application of knowledge by our students. While providing care to simulated patients, students are able to practice nursing skills and make clinical judgments in the safe environment of the Smart Hospital. These experiences allow students to develop the insight and abilities needed to provide safe, high-quality nursing care to their patients in actual healthcare facilities.

We invite to read all the information presented here about our partners and programs as well as take virtual tours of the different parts of the Smart Hospital. We think you will agree that the Smart Hospital™ is “an innovation whose time has come.”

Smart Hospital™ Mission Statement

The University Of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation Smart Hospital™ is committed to integration of simulation into the overall curriculum to overcome the “learning by random opportunity” associated with traditional clinical rotations and allow learners to practice in a safe learning environment. The simulation-based clinical education developed and delivered by expert faculty, will increase the learner’s confidence and competence in clinical skills to allow them to deliver the best patient care regionally and nationally.

Smart Hospital™ Vision Statement

The Smart Hospital™ will be a showroom and model for equipment and best-practices in clinical skill, teamwork, and simulation-based instruction. In addition to supporting the University Of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation, we will serve as a regional resource to foster excellence in our community, including offering training and support to other nursing schools and patient-care facilities. We will develop and strengthen our regional partnerships to ensure that our innovative practices address the increasing demands of the nursing workforce with a special emphasis on inter-professional teamwork and communication to increase the effectiveness of patient safety.