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About the Smart Hospital™


The Smart Hospital™ is a virtual hospital with more than 40 patient simulators and 40 standardized patients (specially trained actors) that serve as simulated patients. The Smart Hospital™ configuration contains:

  • a 7-bed Emergency Service Unit
  • a 4-bed adult Intensive Care Unit
  • a 4-bed adult Medical-Surgical Unit
  • 2 Labor and Delivery, Mother & Infant suites
  • 2-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • 3-bed Pediatric Care Unit
  • 1-bed Team Training Unit to support in-hospital rescue, stabilization and resuscitation skill competency
  • 1 Evidence Based Practice Room
  • 4 debriefing rooms

All learning stations have full audio-visual with additional recording capabilities. State of the science hospital furnishings (beds, headwalls, nurse stations and call systems) and equipment (Pyxis™ medication and supply stations with supporting inventory system software, Alaris™ IV pumps, ventilators, a large inventory of task trainers and devices to aide in patient positioning and transfer) support the Smart Hospital’s mission by providing a real-hospital learning environment.  Advanced virtual simulation applications are ready for the students’ hands-on skills practices in our multi-station computer lab.