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About the Smart Hospital™


The Smart Hospital™ is a virtual hospital with more than 40 patient simulators and 40 standardized patients (specially trained actors) that serve as simulated patients. The Smart Hospital™ configuration contains:

  • a 7-bed Emergency Service Unit
  • a 4-bed adult Intensive Care Unit
  • a 4-bed adult Medical-Surgical Unit
  • 2 Labor and Delivery suites
  • 2-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • 3-bed Pediatric Care Unit
  • 1-bed Team Training Unit to support in-hospital rescue, stabilization and resuscitation skill competency
  • 4 debriefing rooms

Each of the 28 learning stations has full audio-visual capabilities. State of the science hospital furnishings (beds, headwalls, nurse stations and call systems) and equipment (Pyxis™ medication and supply stations with supporting inventory system software, Alaris™ IV pumps, ventilators, a large inventory of task trainers and devices to aide in patient positioning and transfer) support the Smart Hospital’s mission of providing a learning and working environment that values patient safety and workplace injury prevention. The Smart Hospital has also implemented the use of an electronic health record (EHR) in simulation. This program includes not only online documentation but medication scanning technology made possible through the use of ten mobile computer workstations. Additional support for our educational commitment includes a 19-station computer room for virtual simulation activities such as MicroSim Inhospital™, Second Life, and Virtual I.V.