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 "We have had the best new nurses come from UTA..." Nurse Supervisor at a major Dallas hospital


The undergraduate nursing program, within the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, is committed to assisting students reach their goal of becoming a baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse. The Student Success Program includes dedicated coordinators/faculty to assist with core nursing courses (Foundations, Med-Surg, Critical Care), promote stress management, provide resources and referrals, and teach a course designed for student success. Students are introduced to the program at JR I Orientation and the support continues until students graduate.

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 Lynn Cope, RN, PhD

 Lynn Cope, RN, PhD, CNE


Welcome! As Student Success Coordinator, my role is to help ANY nursing student, on-campus and online, be successful in the nursing program. I received my master's degree in Nursing Education and my doctorate in Educational Leadership in order to more effectively help students to learn concepts, not only to become RN’s but to hopefully one day return to further their education.

I have worked in various areas of the hospital, but always go back to Medical-Surgical, my first love. As this is the basis of the NCLEX, we in the Student Success Center strive to help you pass the boards and become the “smartest nurse on the floor”.

The four of us in the Student Success Center work as a team to cheer you on to the finish line. We look forward to meeting you individually and as a group of J1s, J2s, S1s, and finally S2s!


  Mrs. Carol Harber, RN 

Carol Harber, RN, MSN


My hospital clinical background is in Surgical/Trauma ICU, Post-Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, Chemotherapy, and Orthopedic nursing. My community background includes Public Health nursing.

Although I have held staff, education, coordinator, unit manager, and director roles, bedside nursing was the most satisfying to me because I could directly see the impact a nurse could have on the positive outcome of the patient and family. Early in my career, I recognized that nurses who were armed with knowledge and dedication were the ones who delivered the most highly competent patient care. Thus I became committed to helping students and new nurses learn and frequently served as a preceptor.This commitment led to teaching in university nursing undergraduate programs, a position I have held for 15 years.

I hold critical care review classes that are open for any student enrolled in N4581 Nursing of Adults with Complex Needs.


  Griselle Estrada, RN 

Griselle Estrada, RN, MSN


¡Saludos! I received my undergrad training in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. My first years of experience were devoted as a professional nurse on a Med-Surg unit. Having a BSN degree provided me with marvelous opportunities along my life’s journey. In 2001, I received my MSN degree in Psych-Mental Health Nursing from the University of Miami. I love sharing my passion for mental health issues and teaching students about the foundations of psych nursing.

My objective as a Student Success Coordinator is to educate, mentor, support, and encourage UTA CON students as they progress through the different courses that lead to graduation. One of my main responsibilities is to provide reviews, test-taking strategies, and study materials for students in the psych-mental health course. I also collaborate with Counseling and Psychological Services at UT Arlington to provide nursing students with information and resources on stress management.

Nursing school is not easy! Students are trained in the different clinical areas of nursing in order to provide competent care to patients. Lessons also come in the way of life experiences that help students to develop their professional nursing role. The Student Success Center is a great resource for on-campus and off-campus learners as they press on towards the goal of becoming an RN.


  D'Ann Shidler, RN 

D'Ann Shidler, RN, MSN


I graduated from UTA College of Nursing in 1992 and worked several years on a Medical/Surgical floor before discovering the PACU. I worked in that specialty, either pre-op or post-op for almost 20 years. I have enjoyed the challenge of making the stressful surgical experience proceed as pleasantly and smoothly as possible. I received my Masters in Nursing Education in 2010 and was a Clinical Instructor in the Foundations Class until January 2015.

As a Student Success Coordinator, I am still working to meet the challenge of making a stressful experience proceed to a successful conclusion. I work mostly with JR I students, providing math reviews and test reviews, while also addressing time management, study skills and test-taking strategies. My goal is to provide students with the help they need to not only do well in nursing school, but to succeed in their professional nursing careers.