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TIPS for sucess


Top Five Tips From Students: To be successful in nursing school...

  • you must manage your time well, stay organized, and use a calendar.

  • limit the number of hours you work to 16 per week. This will allow you to complete the assignments and really learn the information.

  • study EVERY day.  Plan to study a minimum of 20-30 minutes EACH day for EACH course. Daily studying will help you retain the information.

  • use the resources available to you. This includes clinical faculty, lead teacher, peer mentors, student success, family and friends. They can support and encourage you.

  • And, to be successful in nursing school and in nursing, stay positive, take care of yourself, and believe in yourself!!

Test Taking Skills...

To be most successful on nursing school tests, you must know the material and understand how to apply the information on a test. Good test taking strategies do NOT replace knowledge, but can enhance your ability to do well on tests when you are well informed. View this document for some tips you can use.