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Physical location:

Off-Campus Mavericks Center
Maverick Activities Center
500 West Nedderman Drive, Suite 100AA
Arlington, TX 76019

The Off-Campus Mavericks Center is a physical location to help commuter students become involved and engaged in campus life at UT Arlington. 

The new Center is located in the lobby of the Maverick Activities Center (MAC), a building seeing more than 3,000 students per day. The Center features:

  • Wireless internet
  • Café style seating
  • 25 new desktop computers
  • Renovated Maverick market with food and drink options
  • A large LCD monitor for group projects
  • And much more!

The social space will serve to meet the needs of our increasingly mobile students and also help to give our commuter students a technologically advanced stationary work environment on campus. Come check out the new Off-Campus Mavericks Center to help get you connected to campus life.

P: 817-272-3213
F: 817-272-2424
Facebook: “Like” us at!/pages/Off-Campus-Mavericks-Center/148577341820123 or by searching “Off-Campus Mavericks”.
Twitter: Follow us at
Blog: Join in the discussion at The Parking Lot, the space to discuss commuter issues, events, and news at

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