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Off-Campus Housing

If on-campus living is not an option or you would simply prefer to live off campus, then Off-Campus Mavericks is here to support you through that process. There are many apartments and housing options available for rent in the surrounding area near UT Arlington and in the Arlington community.  However, it is important to be prepared for this difficult process. Off-Campus Mavericks has a list of things to do to prepare you for moving out on your own:

  • Utilize the Off-Campus Mavericks Housing Handbook to guide you through the off campus housing process.
  • Attend the Shorthorn’s annual Housing Fair for the opportunity to speak about housing opportunities in the Arlington community. Make sure to stop by the Off-Campus Mavericks’ booth!
  • Check out the annual Shorthorn Housing Guide, a special section of the student newspaper for tips and advice on moving out. Pick up the current housing guide in the Off-Campus Mavericks Center.
  • Search for the right apartment through an apartment search site. These sites filter through price ranges, accommodations, location, and more to help you find your ideal apartment. Below are three sites that will help you find an apartment in or around the Arlington area. 
  • Know your rights and responsibilities as tenants the laws concerning landlords in the state of Texas with the Texas Tenant Advisor and the Attorney General of Texas.
  • If you have roommates, fill out a roommate agreement form to make sure all roommates are in agreement.
  • Inspect the property during both move in and move out using a Move-In/Move-Out checklist.
  • Check out the City of Arlington website to learn about your new area and to ensure it has everything you need.
  • Think of the questions you need to ask the landlord prior to signing the lease. Use these examples as a guide for the kinds of questions you need to ask.

Thinking about living on campus? Visit UTA's Housing website for more information.

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