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Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance Requirement:

All international students holding non-immigrant visas are required to be enrolled in and maintain comprehensive health insurance coverage while enrolled at any UT System institution, including summer semesters, even if student will not be attending classes.

Enrollment in the UTA student health plan is AUTOMATIC when an international student registers for classes each semester, and the cost of the policy will appear on their tuition and fees bill. The insurance premium amount varies per semester. The enrollment list is sent to Academic Health Plans after the census date of every semester. Students needing to access medical services prior to census date should contact OIE for an emergency enrollment request. Questions regarding new and existing claims, coverage and benefits, or requests to add dental coverage or dependents must be directed to AHP (Academic Health Plans) at or (855) 247-7587.

Health Insurance Waiver:

Only students that have comparable coverage will be allowed to waive the UTA student health plan. In order for insurance waivers to be approved, the minimum requirements must be met:

  • Mandatory coverage period: Fall 2014 semester – August 15th to December 31st.
  • Medical benefits of at least $50,000 per person, per accident or illness;
  • Deductible cannot exceed $500 per condition;
  • Minimum of $7,500 for repatriation of remains;
  • Minimum of $10,000 for expenses associated with medical evacuation to the home country;
  • Policy plan meets the United States Government's Federal Solvency Guidelines.

Students that are requesting insurance waivers must submit the appropriate documentation, to our office by fax to 817-272-2005 or by email to prior to the semester’s census date: Fall – September 8th.

Please allow up to 3 business day for processing. To submit a waiver request, the following documents must be submitted:

• Completed insurance waiver form,
• Copy of insurance card and
• Summary of benefits