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International Agreements and Collaborations

The University of Texas at Arlington seeks to develop strategic partnerships that are institutionally-based, long-standing, mutually-beneficial to both institutions, and advance UT Arlington’s Tier I mission. International partnerships allow UT Arlington to increase opportunities for global studies, faculty and student exchange, and international academic and research collaborations. 

Partnership Model

Institutional partnerships at UT Arlington are based on a two part model:
  1. A General Agreement of Cooperation/Memorandum of Understanding provides a broad framework for collaborative activities between the partnering institutions, usually including student and/or faculty exchanges, research, training, and similar activities. It is agreed upon and signed by the President or Provost of the University of Texas at Arlington and his/her institutional counterpart.  This type of agreement serves as a parent document for additional more specific agreements and will be processed through the Office of International Education (OIE).  Please contact Jay Horn, Executive Director of OIE for assistance.
  2. Supplementary Agreements detail specific activities, including the commitment of resources and acceptance of obligations by the partner units. These agreements can come in the form of Reciprocal Exchange Agreements used for study abroad exchange programs or Specific Program Agreements for Research and Scholarly Exchange.  These agreements can be flexible in design, length and commitment, and are vetted through the Office of International Education and the Office of General Counsel to assure there is no violation of university policy. Please contact Jay Horn for assistance with these types of agreements.

Agreements Flow

Dual Degree Programs or Memorandums of Understanding which include negotiated financial arrangements outside the standard UTA tuition process should be processed through the Center for Global Academic Initiatives.  Please contact Dr. Dan Himarios, Vice Provost and Executive Director for Global Academic Initiatives for assistance with these types of programs. 

Additional Supplementary Agreements may be signed as new departments become interested in collaborating with an established partner institution. Supplementary Agreements are also signed by the President or Provost of the University of Texas at Arlington and his institutional counterpart.