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President Trump has announced that he will sign a new Executive Order, expected sometime this week regarding travel restrictions, security screenings, and visa issuance procedures. Students and scholars who could be subject to the original Executive Order should continue to exercise caution. The Office of International Education will update this page
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Change of Status » F-1 to B-2

Who Qualifies/Eligibility

A change of non-immigrant status from F-1 to B-2 may be requested when the applicant:

  1. Is in valid F-1 status and has made a decision not to maintain student status

The Office of International Education will not file this application on a student's behalf.

Step One

To begin the process of changing status, you will need the following documents:

  1. USCIS form: I-539
  2. Request for a New I-20
  3. USCIS Fee: $370 payable to USCIS.
  4. I-94: Copy of both sides of the I-94 for the applicant and any dependant(s) in the U.S
  5. Passport: Copy of identity page, showing the expiration date for the applicant and any dependant(s)
  6. Visa: Copy of visa page for applicant and dependant(s)
  7. Funding: It is necessary to show sufficient funds for your stay in the U.S
  8. Proof of Current Status:
    1. Applicant's current I-20
    2. Letter to USCIS explaining reasons for the change of status request, why the stay would be temporary and what arrangements have been made to depart the U.S

Step Two

It is the student's responsibility to mail the Change of Status application to USCIS Vermont Service Center.

Step Three

Normal processing time is approximately 90 days. Students will be notified by USCIS when their case has been processed.


  1. Requests for tourist visas are typically approved for 6 months or less.
  2. Dependants in F-2 status do not need to file a separate application, but dependants must be noted on the addendum sheet attached to form Form I-539