The Office of International Education will no longer mail out STEM OPT applications.
Students are responsible for mailing out their STEM OPT applications.
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Student & Scholar Services » New OPT Processing and Case Management Fee

An OPT Processing and Case Management Fee will be charged when students apply for post-completion OPT and/or the 17-month STEM extension. This fee will be used to subsidize the costs associated with the mandatory case management for students on Optional Practical Training after graduation.

The following fees will apply:

12 Month OPT: $100
17 Month OPT Extension: $150

This fee is not for expedited processing.  Normal 7-10 business day processing will apply.


Important Dates:

  • The last date the OIE can guarantee OPT I-20 processing for Fall 2016 graduates is: Monday January 30, 2016
  • The earliest date we will start accepting OPT applications for Spring 2017 graduates is: Monday February 6, 2017
  • Earliest possible start date for post-completion OPT for Spring 2017 graduates: Friday May 12, 2017
  • The last date the OIE can guarantee OPT I-20 processing for Spring 2017 graduates is: Monday July 3, 2017
Note: These dates exclude students who wish to use thesis/dissertation defense date as program completion date and those who may want to apply for OPT based on summer I enrollment only. In both instances, students should discuss details with an advisor.

Payment Process

Payment for these fees will be processed through the self-service page on your MyMav account only.  This process allows you to use a credit card or an electronic check to pay for services.  These fees cannot be submitted to OIE or the Bursar’s Office. 

Students should log into MyMav and proceed to the Self Service tab>Campus Finances>Make a Payment>Purchase Items.


1.Select Items

Under the International Office section choose the appropriate fee which applies to you, either OPT Case Mgmt 12 mos. or OPT Case Mgmt 17 mos.  Enter the quantity which should always be the number 1.  Then click “calculate total” and then “next”. 

2.Confirm Order

This will bring up screen to confirm your order.  Once you are satisfied that you have selected the correct item click next. 

3.Select Payment Method

Choose your payment method, either credit card or electronic check. 

4.Specify Payment Details

Choose your preferred payment option and complete the required information.

  1. Credit Card- enter credit card information
  2. Electronic Check- enter bank routing number and checking account information

5.Confirm Payment

Confirm and submit payment

6.Payment Result

Once you have paid the fee, please print out a copy of the Payment Result page.  Make sure that the print out includes your name shown at the top of the page.  Proof of the fee payment is required at the time you submit your OPT Application at the OIE.