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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

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OIT: Office of Information Technology

IDM - Automating Account Management

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce that the upgraded Identity Management (IDM) system  is now operational. IDM contributes to the Office of Information Technology’s commitment to deliver efficient processes and the products and services fit for a dynamic research institution. IDM provides the University the ability to improve student enrollment processes, employee hiring and termination processes, and the overall security of the University.


IDM Categories

Please visit the following IDM categories to learn more about the Identity Management System:

This section explains more about the IDM system.

This section explains the reason behind creating the IDM system.

This section explains how IDM benefits the faculty, staff, students and the overall University.

This section explains how IDM has shaped our current process and the impact to the University.

This section explains the automated letters that will be sent to faculty, staff, and students and the process of receiving the automated letters.

The section will connect you with the latest and frequently asked IDM questions.

For additional information about the IDM system, please visit our IDM Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Help Desk at or calling 817-272-2208.


General Information about IDM

Identity Management (IDM) is a customized account management tool that provides an automated process for activating, modifying, disabling, and/or deleting accounts when a person’s status changes. This system generates the essential automated creation of NetIDs, emails, and storage access to store UTA files and folders and sends notification letters to requested departments to inform them of the progress and next steps. The tentative implementation date for the Identity Management System is March 5, 2015. During this time, the Office of Information Technology will transition from our manual process to our new automated IDM process.

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The Creation of the IDM System

The Office of Information Technology recognized the University’s need to have a system that can meet its increasing demand for account management. IDM was created to streamline the process used to manage file storage access, generate emails, and generate NetIDs for students, faculty, and staff. IDM removes the manual manipulations of information and multiple requests to departments on campus to process accounts and essential access for students, employees, vendors, guests and contractors. This establishes extra security and assists with on-boarding and off-boarding employees. This automated process will generate these accounts within 24-48 hours after a new EmplID (UTA ID# or student ID #) is recognized by IDM.

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The Advantages of the IDM

Benefits for Faculty and Staff: The streamlined and automated process of IDM allows departments to quickly and efficiently on-board their new hires and securely off-board terminations. This increases the productivity for those departments and opens up time for other tasks. Departments will no longer be required to send requests to the Help Desk for the creation of NetIDs, emails, and access to storage, files, and folders.

Benefits for Students: IDM assists Admissions with applicants by streamlining and accelerating the process of account creations (again, 24-48 hours after a new EmplID (UTA ID# or student ID #) is recognized by IDM). This allows those applicants to check their application status more quickly, hopefully securing them as future students. When applicants are accepted to the University, the automated process will generate their student email accounts within 24-48 hours after a new EmplID (UTA ID#) is recognized by IDM. This should greatly minimize interruptions in the process of going from an applicant to a functioning student, as far as system access goes.

Additional Benefits for the University: In addition to the benefits that directly affect faculty and staff, IDM increases the overall security of the University by properly provisioning access based upon employment or academic status.

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Understanding the IDM Process

Before IDM, faculty and staff would send a request to Help Desk and they would manually create the accounts. This process could take from 2 to 5 days to complete depending on the number of requests received. With the IDM system, faculty and staff will no longer need to request NetIDs, emails, and certain storage access. IDM automatically activates, modifies, disables, and/or deletes accounts when a person's status changes. This also ensures that all accounts that should be disabled or deleted are fully processed out of the system.

The following is a summary of the impacts that the IDM system will have on the University:

  1. Student Account Automation Impact: The student automation process of NetIDs, emails, and individual storage access will remain the same. In addition, student NetIDs, storage access and associated contents will be deleted in 30 days after their status changes to inactive.
  2. Employee Account Automation Impact: Current employees will keep their current NetIDs and IDM will create new employee's NetIDs, email address, and individual storage access. Employee's NetID, email accounts, individual storage access and associated contents will be deleted in 30 days after status changes to inactive.
  3. Departmental K-Drive Access Provided Upon Request: Please note that existing employees will maintain their current access to departmental drives; however, departments will need to request department storage access for new employees if necessary.
  4. Updates to Name Result in Updated E-mail Address: Legal name changes submitted to Human Resources will result in the creation of a new primary e-mail address.
  5. Requesting Support: Departmental administrative assistants will provide support for employee appoinment creation. Undergraduate Admissions and Graduate School supports student record creation and Help Desk will provide support for malfunctioning account creation process.

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IDM Automated (Notification) Letters

The Identity Management (IDM) system creates automated notification letters to inform faculty, staff, and students about the account creation process. Listed below are the most common types of automated (notification) letters sent by IDM to employees, faculty, staff, and students. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about the IDM Automated (Notification) Letters.

UT Arlington Identification Number Letter

The UT Arlington Identification Number is known as employID for employees, studentID for students, and UT ID Number for affliates. The UT Arlington ID number Notification letter will be sent when an the ID number is created in UT Share. This number is used to track eligible UTA benefits, create the MavExpress ID card and other identification purposes.

NetID Notification Letter

The NetID notification letter informs employees, sponsoring departments, and students about their UT Arlington NetID and instructions on how to activate the NetID. This notification letter is sent approximately 24 to 48 hours after your Employee ID, or student ID is created in UT Share. Your NetID is used to log into major UTA computer systems and services including, but not limited to, Blackboard, MyMav, email account, library resources and our wireless network. Please note that employees and affiliates will receive their email in the same notification as the NetID notification letter. Students will receive their email account information after they have been accepted into UT Arlington.

Student Email Notification Letter

The student email notification letter is sent to inform admitted students about their UT Arlington official email account, known as MavMail. All communication to our faculty and staff should be sent from using this UT Arlington MavMail account.

Other notification letters include the preferred name change letter, and student, affiliate and employee status change. For additional information about the IDM system, please visit our IDM Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Help Desk at or call 817-272-2208.

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Additional Information about IDM

IDM Frequent Asked Questions

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