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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

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Business Collaboration Services

Business Collaboration Services

The Business Collaboration Department supports the Office of Information Technology in providing cost effective instruction to the University for specific enterprise applications and systems.


Business Collaboration will:

  • Serve as a stakeholder in the creation of any new enterprise applications or systems.
  • Develop a set curriculum for each designated enterprise application and system.
  • Be a part of the change control process so that the curriculum is updated upon changes to the enterprise application or system.
  • Negotiate third party pricing and scheduling for common classes such as Microsoft Office.
  • Maintain a service catalog of training classes offered both as instructor-led and conducted by a third-party.
  • Maintain a schedule of classes or conduct an on-demand class as required.
    • On-demand classes will have sufficient lead time to ensure a qualifed instructor is available.
  • Provide's Campus solution as a means of instruction on a wide array of common applications and processes.

Business Collaboration Training Services

The Training team provides training, orientations, and workshops to meet the needs of UT Arlington students, faculty, and staff.  We also deliver customized training as well as orientations about Business Collaboration services to departments and classrooms by request.

If you have questions about our training or want to request custom training on a service we offer, please send an e-mail to the Business Collaboration Training Team.


SharePoint at UTA


Business Collaboration is working steadily to roll SharePoint throughout UTA

SharePoint sites are available now for committees and projects which involve faculty and/or staff from multiple colleges or VP areas. Click here to request a new collaboration site.

Business Collaboration is visiting each UTA department during 2012 to help plan and roll out SharePoint. Deans and department heads can learn more about this rollout by viewing SharePoint: Intro for UTA Leaders.
Other general information about SharePoint is included in the links below: