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Windows Mobile PDA Configuration for UTA Auto Login

System requirements: Windows


These instructions provide information on how to configure Windows Mobile devices (i.e. PDA's, Smart phones, etc.) to access the "UTA Auto Login" wireless network. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides minimal support for Windows Mobile 5.0 or greater devices. Lesser platforms of Windows Mobile are not supported. OIT does not guarantee these instructions will work as advertised, and cannot be held responsible for changes to devices that are configured using these instructions, particularly Smart Phones. In our example, we used a PDA running Windows Mobile 5.1.

How to Use:


  • Download Microsoft Mobile Device synchronization software and install on the computer. If the computer is running Windows XP, download Active Sync 4.5; If the computer is running Vista Windows, download Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1.

  • Ensure time, time zone, and date are correct on the mobile device

  • Connect the device via the USB dock or cable to initiate the sync software on the computer

  • Set up file sharing between the computer and the mobile device. A share folder for the device is created on the desktop of the computer

  • Download and Install SecureW2 EAP Suite for Windows CE (an open source software program that enables the mobile device to establish secure connection to the UTA wireless environment). 

  • Configure the device for UTA Wireless Network authentication  

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Download SecureW2 EAP Suite for Windows CE, and save to the computer's Desktop.

2. Extract the contents of to the computer Desktop.

3. Open the folder SecureW2_EAP_Suite_113_CE and copy SecureW2_EAP_Suite_113_CE.exe to the mobile device's Share Folder on the computer's Desktop.

4. Open the Share Folder, double click on icon, select Run; and follow the onscreen instructions. Install the program using the default settings [do not change anything].

5. After installing the SecureW2 software on the mobile device the screen should appear similar to this. 

6.  Make sure Wireless is enabled on the device, navigate to Settings, and then Connections, and select Network Card in to access the Configure Wireless Networks screen.

7. Select UTA Auto Login; this wireless network is connected to the Internet as shown:

8. Select Network Key Tab; Authentication should be WPA2, and encryption protocol should be AES.

9. Select 802.1x Tab; EAP type should be set to SecureW2 TTLS, and then select the Properties

10. Use the Default profile or create a new profile called uta, and then select the Configure button.

11. Set the Connection and Certificates tabs as shown.  Be sure to un-check the two boxes towards the top of each tab.

12. Set the Authentication tab to PAP as shown.  On the User Account tab, un-check the box, enter your UTA NetID account and password information, leave the Domain entry empty as shown, and to select the OK button at the bottom of the tab.

13. After about a minute you should be fully connected to the UTA Auto Login wireless network.  Each time you turn on the wireless function of the mobile device and are within range of this network, you should automatically be connected.  Remember that whenever you change the password to your UTA NetID account you will need to update the User Account tab.

14. If the device goes into hibernation or Sleep-mode during long periods of inactivity, connection to the UTA Wireless Network may be lost. If this occurs, re-authenticate the device to the Domain as shown in item # 12.

Known Issues:

  • Network connection may be lost if device goes into hibernation or sleep-mode. If this occurs, re-authenticate the device.
  • Password on the device must be changed each time the UTA NetID is changed.