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Windows XP Energy Star Monitor Power Setup

System requirements: Windows


The following set of instructions outline the steps involved in setting up the energy-saving settings for a user's display.

How to Use:

  1. right-click in an open area of your Desktop and select Properties.

  2. Select Screen Saver tab.

  3. Set the Wait time to 10 (ten) minutes and click Apply.

Screen Saver

  1. Click on Power button on same screen to open Power Options Properties screen.

  2. Set the Power Schemes to Home/Office Desk and modify the settings as following:

    • Turn off monitorAfter 20 mins

    • Turn off hard disks: Never

    • System standby: Never

    Click Apply and click OK to close the window.

  3. Options

  4. Click OK to close the Display Properties window.

You can "wake" your sleeping display by moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard. A normal delay of a few seconds before the monitor reactivates is not unusual.