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Obtaining and Installing ANSYS ICEM CFD software (Windows)

System requirements: Windows


The instructions on this page are for university owned machines only that have "Property of UT Arlington" asset tags, also referred to as UTA assets in this document.  These are typical faculty/staff office computers that are connected to the UTA network. Please contact our Help Desk for instructions on how to obtain ANSYS for computer labs utilizing an imaged based deployment, such as Symantec Ghost.

How to Get:

If you have not installed ANSYS base products, install ANSYS base product first before proceeding with the instructions.

How to Use:

  1. Click ANSYS ICEM CFD button to start installation.
    Select production to install

  2. Click Next to continue.
    To continue, click NEXT

  3. Click I Agree radio button to acknowledge the license and click Next.
    achnowledge license agreement, click next

  4. Click Next to accept the default installation directory.
    accept destination, click next

  5. Click to select Complete then click Next.
    select Complete, click next

  6. Click Next to accept the default projects directory.
    select starting directory

  7. Click Next to accept the use of FEA Solvers Executables.
    setup FEA solvers

  8. Check ANSYS box only if you do not have any other software installed on your PC, uncheck all the other boxes and click Next.
    select SOLVERs already installed

  9. Click Next to accept default setting to continue.
    accept default

  10. Click Next to accept default settings for the next two screens .
    accept default if you do not have unigraphics installed      select Pro/ENGINEER version if your computer has it installed

  11. Review the Setup Summary and click Next to continue.
    review settings

  12. A dialog box pops up showing the progress of the installation.
    installation status

  13. Click Next to accept default environment variables.
    environment variables setup

  14. Click Next.
    create desktop shortcut

  15. Click Finish.  If you have not set up ANSYS FlexLM license, visit our ANSYS License page for instructions. Otherwise, the ANSYS software is ready for use.
    ANSYS ICEM CFD installation completed

  16. Click Exit to end ANSYS DVD Launcher.

    click EXIT

Known Issues: