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WebDAV and Mac OS X

System requirements: Mac


This page will give you instructions on how to use WebDAV with MAC OS.

How to Use:

  1. Select the Connect to Server command from the Go menu.


  2. Within the Connect to Server window, type in the publishing URL in the Server Address field.
    • WWW:<website name>
    • WWEB:<website name>

  3. You may receive a warning message about WebDAV File System Security, click Continue to proceed.

  4. You should then be asked to authenticate yourself. Enter your NetID and password and then click OK.

  5. Once you are "connected", you should see an icon on your Desktop labeled with the name of your website.  The Mathematical Association of America is used as an example only.

  6. By opening that icon, you should be able to view the files contained in your website.

Known Issues:

If you encounter a "Sorry the operation could not be completed due to an unexpected error, error code -50" when trying to access a webdav share, follow the instructions on how to repair the disk permissions from this website

You can also use Goliath, which is a WebDAV client, on Mac OS 9.X and OS X. Instructions and download are available at This method is not supported by OIT.