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CrashPlan Information and Instructions

Available To:

  • Faculty (currently appointed) and Staff

How to Use:

CrashPlan PROe is software that you install on each computer that you want to keep backed up to avaoid the loss of important files. The software includes a desktop application in which individual users can manage their backup and restore their own files.

Note:  Each user can install CrashPlan on up to four devices.  It is recommended that you remove any files that you would not want to backup prior to installing CrashPlan since the backup occurs automatically.


Basic Instructions

Open CrashPlan and log in with your NetID and password.


Folders will be backed up according to default settings unless changed.


Click the Change button to open the Change File Selection window.


Scroll down to see the user folder selected.  Users can see which folders are selected to backup and make changes as desired.  Click Save after making changes.




Restore files for computer:  Click the drop down to select the device from which you would like to restore files that were previously backed up.

By default you can restore from any computer under your account, so this box is populated with all the other devices with archives under the same user account.   The user can also search for a specific file from Find files to restore by name...

When the restore is complete the files will be saved to the desktop in a folder that is labeled with the users NetID.



Some settings can be changed under the General tab such as allocating resources for away and present status to optimize performance.


Under the Backup tab you can control when and how CrashPlan will create backups.


Backup will run:  Always (default) or Between Specified Times if selected.

Verify selection every:  Default settings are displayed.  Days can be changed to hours or minutes or there is a Now button to initiate the backup now.

Frequency and versions:  Click the Configure button to modify the settings for how often to backup new versions.  There is a Default button to return these settings to original configuration.

Filename exclusions:  The user can choose to exclude additional filenames from their backup.

Advance settings:  Not configurable by the user.

Backup sets:  This feature allows users to basically create a priority list for their backup to determine what gets backed up first, and how often.


Under the Account tab this screen shows the user’s personal information.  The user could add their email address for reporting purposes.  Under the section that says license, Issued by is the name of the organization you are to which you are assigned.  Below that you will see server information.  To the far right there is a Manage Account link. This is the link that saves us from the hard drive crash.


All users will have the Manage Account link and be able to log into the console.  The Manage Account link takes you to the CrashPlan Server web Portal. You can save the login page under favorites. From the console, you can do web restores. This is how a user would generally get a file quickly if needed or if you lost your laptop and have to replace it you can restore your files from the web portal.

The Security tab is where on the Server Console it is setup to require a login. Users can’t change this requirement.

The Network tab shows network configuration needed for communication.  If for any reason a user needs this information changed. Please open a helpdesk ticket.



Click History to see backup results.  The latest backup will be listed at the bottom of the screen.



Related Information:

Additional instructions are available on the CrashPlan PROe Support web site.

Recorded webinars are also available. Click here to go to the site and then scroll down to find CrashPlan PROe Getting Started and CrashPlan PROe Beyond The Basics.