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Installing CrashPlan on Windows

Available To:

  • Faculty (currently appointed) and Staff

How to Get:

Download the latest version of the CrashPlan Client from the downloads page.  When you click on the download link, you will be asked to authenticate with your NetID and Password. Enter your credentials and click OK.



After you have authenticated, you will then be asked to open the file or download.  At this point, please select the Save option.  The default save location will be your Downloads folder in most cases.



If prompted for a Save As location, please select Desktop or Downloads (or your folder of choice).



Once the download is complete, you will be given the option to Run if you are using Internet Explorer.  If you are using another browser, run the installer from the folder where you downloaded the file.



Depending on how your computer is set up, you may be asked to allow the installer to run.  If you get this UAC prompt, please click Yes.



After the install begins, you will see the progress bar for the installer.



When the installer is completed, the CrashPlan Tray item will appear in your programs list. You will also see the CrashPlan Agent item in your programs list.



Note:  If you are a technician installing CrashPlan for another user, please allow that client to log in to the computer and run CrashPlan for the first time.


When you launch CrashPlan for the first time, the splash screen may appear on the screen for a few minutes while the system is scanned.

Crash Plan Pro

First Time New User

 At the first prompt, select the New Account radio button.  It is not necessary to enter your name. Enter your NetID and then your password twice. Click Create Account.


Existing User - Computer got reimaged.

 Use Existing Account

Enter your NetID and Password

For the server address add:

This will install the crashplan app in the system tray and initiate a backup immediately.

This will back up the Users folder by default. After the first backup if the user wants to change what folder is being backup please email to unlock the backup folder.

Once CrashPlan set up is completed, the initial back up will start.  From this point forward, the program needs no additional intervention unless you would like to further customize the program using the menus one the left.



All files in the user’s profile folder will be backed up except for those that meet the following conditions:

Any applications/movies/music/pictures that are installed in the users’ folder/desktop will not be backed up.

None of the system files listed for any OS will be backed up.








If any files on the users’ folder have the file extensions listed below will NOT be backed up.

.avi (audio video files)

.app (application files)

.dll (system files)

.dmg (disk image files)

.exe (executable files)

.iso (disk image file)

.log (files that log data)

.mov (movie files)

.mp3 (audio files)

.m4a (audio files)

.mp4 (audio files)

.mpkg (media collection file)

.pkg (mac installer file)


If your department or the department that you support requires any of the above formats or if you know of additional files you need to exclude from being backed up. Please contact the Help Desk with that information.